Ever wandered into a department store looking for new makeup ideas and left with a bag full of makeup in colors that are trendy and probably won’t be in style next year? Some of the biggest makeup mistakes are made by you and I because we bought makeup in colors that just do not look good on us. If purples are all the rage but make you look you are two black eyes, don’t buy it. You can always be in style without sacrificing your best look.

As you well know skincare is a must without having to really talk about it. Don’t forget your sunscreen. Yet there are a few things that if you were talking with a makeup artist at a department store they push mostly for sales that are not needed.
foundation application mistakes
Let’s talk about foundation mistakes we have all made, starting with:
Mistake#1 Believing everyone needs to wear foundation.
If you got clear, amazing skin, why cover it up? Many who wear foundation all over their face do not need it. Many need nothing more than a little concealed under their eyes and around the nose to get rid of any redness or dark circles. Even worse is wearing foundation like a mask, where you can really tell they are wearing foundation.

Mistake#2 Believing that because you have oily skin that there isn’t a sunscreen or moisturizer for your skin. It’s true that if you got oily skin or skin that breaks out you have to be careful. Best thing you can do is stay away oil based foundation, look for a powder base or water based foundation.

Mistake#3 Trying to buy a foundation based on its name. Did you know there are two basic foundation bases? There is rose which is cool tones and yellow which are warm tones. All foundations start with either if these tones and as ingredients are added you get you millions of different foundation colors. Now the name of a foundation maybe a clue of which tone it was created with but not always. Yellow based foundations usually are called “natural”, “golden”, “peach” whereas rose base will be called “sand”, “tan”, “rose”. Best thing you can do is try to compare foundation shades side by side.
Which leads into:
Mistake#4 Comparing foundation shades on the back of your hand or inside of your wrist. These parts of your body won’t be wearing foundation nor are they the same shade as your skin on your face. Always check your choices of foundation in natural light. The best place to test foundation is to test it side by side in stripes along your jaw.
When trying to choose a foundation some cosmetic lines are going to be heavily based in color base over the other. If the brand you are checking out is more rose base than yellow base than it’s time to check out a different brand.

After finding the right shade of foundation often mistake#5 happens. If you do not moisturize your skin, parched skin will absorb liquid foundation and can give you a heavily made-up look. A powder mineral foundation will accentuate any dry patches you may have. Blemishes should be covered with a cover stick rather than just trying to apply a thicker layer of foundation.
Also you do not to apply foundation down your neck. Your neck is not meant to be the same shade as your face. When applied perfectly to your jaw line the right color will not show and there is no need to apply it to your neck. It will get all over your shirt if you applied it to your neck.

During the summer you may need a darker shade of foundation if you are tanning either by using a tanning booth or naturally. Or you just go without using foundation at all if you are using a self-tanner. Foundation is meant to bring out your natural glow, not cover it up. You may have to hunt but out there, somewhere is the best shade for you.

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