Lipstick can be the finishing touch to a perfectly made up face, and if chosen and applied correctly should be wonderfully flattering. Even though many would rather just wear lip balm or lip gloss there are times when wearing lipstick is needed to be sure you look your best.
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Here’s four essential tips for the preparation and application of lipstick that makes it last longer.

Tip One: Ensure A Good Base
A lipstick is only going to be as good as the area it is being applied to. Meaning your lips need to be as soft and smooth as possible. If your lips are rough and dry, try “brushing” using a soft toothbrush dipped in moisturizer to remove any loose flakes of skin from your lips. Then you can finish prepping your lips with a light layer of foundation which ensures a good base.

Tip Two: Apply Lip Liner
This is one step that many by pass but if you really want your lipstick to stay put you need to apply lip liner. Try to apply one that it’s the same shade as your lipstick or a nude shade. Nothing looks more out dated than lips lined in super dark lip liner. Using lip liner can also help make your lips look fuller, plumper than they naturally are. The trick is to trace your lips just outside your natural lip line with a slightly darker lip liner than your chosen lipstick color. Then use the edge of the lip pencil to extend the lip liner color onto the bottom lip about halfway.

Tip Three: Apply Lipstick Using A Brush
Although lipsticks can be applied directly from the tube, its best to apply it using a lip brush. This ensures you can trace the outline of your lips better, and ensure an even coverage of the color across your mouth. Use a lip brush to sweep on your lipstick color by starting at the edges smudging and blending it with your lip liner. Just be sure to stay within the lines of your lip liner. If you are going for plumper looking lips, re-line your lips with your lip liner.

Tip Four: Use A Sealant
Lipstick is notorious for coming off when performing everyday tasks such as eating and drinking. Therefore you might want to start using a sealant, which will protect the color and vibrancy of your lipstick. A makeup sealant is like a cosmetic shellac and may come in a tube or small bottle. Once you have gone through the first three tip, blot your lips once on a sheet of tissue. This will remove any extra excess, if you do not sometimes you may end up with lipstick on your teeth. You can then apply an over-the-counter sealant, once again using a brush, which will hold things in place.
If you use a lip stick sealant then you go about wearing lip gloss over your lipstick without worry of losing your lipstick color.

Looks simple but often even the most simplest of application of makeup mistakes can be made. By following these tips you should be able to apply lipstick like the pros and keep it on your lips not get it on his shirt collar.

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