There are three types of basic nail art decals. There are those that are like stickers with all kinds of different designs, small easy to use. They help add to your overall design. There are water decals which are a little harder to work with. And now you have your full nail art decals which covers your whole nail. Each have their own little tips on how to apply them correctly. Always be sure that your nail polish is totally set and dry before applying any type of nail art decal.
nail design idea with flowers
Items you will need:

Nail art decals/stickers, water set type, full nail type decal
Cup or dish of water
Top coat polish
Base coat
Nail polish best colors would be anything that doesn’t have glitter such as a cream or frost
Orangewood stick
Nail file

How to apply the nail art sticker type of nail decals:

1. Apply your nail polish without your top coat and wait until it your nail polish is dry.
2. Choose your favorite nail decal design, peel it off carefully with a pair of tweezers
3. Stick on to your nail in the place you picked out earlier while you were waiting for your nail polish to dry.
4. Tap your decal lightly to ensure that there are no air pockets. Use an orangewood
5. Apply several layers of top coat to seal the design. Do not use quick drying top coat.

Apply water based type of nail art decals:

Be sure first that your nail polish is completely dry before working with water nail art decals.

1. Use scissors to cut your nail art decal out around the design.
2. Place a single drop of water onto the table.
3. Set your nail decal in the drop of water with the blue paper side down.

Wait for 10-15 seconds. The paper will begin to curl.

4. Pick up the nail art decal using your tweezers and lay the nail art decal on top of your nail.
5. Use one finger to anchor the nail decal lightly against your nail and slide out the
backing paper from underneath.
6. Move the decal into place. Using a piece of tissue, press the nail decal to remove the
water and air below.

Wait one to two seconds while the nail decal adheres to your nail.

Last step is to apply a thin layer of top coat over the nail art decal area. Allow it to dry.
Brush on another 2 coat of topcoat to cover the entire nail and allow it to dry.

Apply full wrap nail art decals:

1. Brush on a single layer of base coat and allow it to dry.
2. Stroke one layer of your preferred polish over the base coat. Once dry, apply the
second coat.
3. Trim your nail decal to fit your nail and remove it from the design sheet.
4. Rub over the design using an orangewood stick, and keep the backing on until
finished. You’ll see the transfer is complete when the paper peels up without any decal
on it.

Peel off the sheet and examine your nails.

5. Use your finger to press down any edges that haven’t adhered completely.
6. File the edges of any nail decals that extend past the edge of your nails.
7. Brush on a topcoat to protect your nail art decal and allow it to dry.

Little side note:
Never use any kind of quick/ rapid dry top coat directly over any nail art decals. The chemicals in those products cause the sticker to roll up around the edges, dislodge, or tear.

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