Radical Skincare Skin Perfection Screen SPF 30 Review

I have been wearing sunscreen since my early twenties and before that tended not to go outside unless I have to. Being I am really fair, I burn and I burn bad. I remember getting burn in Reno one year that I got scars from from it once it finally healed. So I am always […]

Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo & Silk18 Conditioner Review

I love argan oil just about anything, from face oils to shampoos to conditioners. My skin and hair just love it! So when Maple Holistics asked if I would test out their shampoo & conditioner I couldn’t say no!   What they say about it: Argan Oil Shampoo Hypoallergenic, contains 100% pure Argan Oil of […]

Colgate Total “Lasting White” Mouthwash Review

Like I have said it before, I am a Colgate kid! I grew up using Colgate toothpaste like most children of my age group did. And I am pretty sure there are still a lot who are still using the same brand of toothpaste now. Sure the toothpaste types have changed. I like gel over […]

How Many Makeup Brushes Do You Own VS How Many Do You Use?

How many makeup brushes do you own VS how many do you really use day by day? Sunday’s question of the day! Now be honest because below I am.. Shame to say, I own more brushes than I really needed! Read below to see just what I mean.. Ok this all came about because of […]

Overall Beauty July’s 2014 Newsletter

Hi everyone! I got lots to say about what has been happening it Overall Beauty’s world these days. Yeah it’s the last day of the month and I’m just now getting my newsletter out. Mostly because I got a few things I want to talk about and share with everyone and been trying to figure […]

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery – SPF50 Review

I have been without a computer for a while so I am behind in my reviews starting with this one. Now for anyone pretty much needs sunscreen that is just the way of the world. But we may not be getting enough and from what I understand the older you are the higher SPF you […]