Hints from Heloisie 5 Piece Box Set – Let’s Go Old School!

I have a set of 5 helper books by Heloise’s wrote back in the 60’s through the 70’s. If you do not know who she is? Visit her website at Heloise.com The books and tips I am getting my fun little post from were written by the original Heloise. A full set of 5 books […]

Collagen HA Triple Boost Face Serum by Hyalogic review

I been trying a lot of different face serums these days. I really like face oils but during the summer? Not so much. When my favorite store has a 25% off sale on beauty products? That is when I tend to buy something new to see if I would want it even at full price. […]

The Seaweed Co. Exfoliating Detox Body Scrub Review

When I bought this I thought it was a face scrub, I didn’t realize it for your body and not your face! But you can’t tell when you look at the tube itself. So silly me, I tried it on my face first. For a body scrub, this one is amazing! The Seaweed Bath Co. […]

Almay Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads Review

Sometimes you just get lucky. I started wearing waterproof mascara because I said sometime I think on Facebook about the fact that my eyelashes wouldn’t stay curled. I use a eyelash curler but I would curl my lashes, then I would apply mascara and they would lose the curl. But with a waterproof mascara,( I […]

Holiday Gift Giving Sets By Lindi Skin – Skincare For Extremely Sensitive Skin

Buying gifts can be tough when the person in mind is going through cancer treatments. Their skin can be extremely sensitive from the treatments. There is a brand that I have done a review for while back for a few of their skincare line. They have the most amazing eye serum! Right now, for the […]

Battle of the Eye Creams – Chamomile Eye Therapy & Stem Cell Collagen Moisturizer- The Winner is??

I got asked about doing a what you might call “Battle of the Eye Creams” between two different brands of eye creams, a while ago. So I am a bit late doing this. (I fell and broke my wrist and that put me back a few months) For this, it was and is really tough […]