Softsoap Hand Wash Plus Lotion Review

Softsoap®Shea & Cocoa Butter Hand Wash Plus Lotion™ Hand Soap I had received it a while back and if you look at my image when I went to take the photo it was already partly gone. 🙂 What does Softsoap have to say about their hand wash? Our unique formula is made with a touch […]

Vaseline, the beauty ‘Wonder Jelly’

We have a guest blogger today, hope you enjoy her post! I had no idea about Vaseline for beauty. 🙂 Vaseline is one of those eternally-popular products we all have knocking around somewhere. It soothes our lips, it protects small cuts, and it helps lock moisture into our skin for longer-lasting radiance. All this is […]

Shielo Hair Care products review!

I will just let you know upfront that I love shielo hair care products! I am yet to test one that I didn’t like! They have different types of shampoo and conditioner, this time I received Smoothing Shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner. This time I got three amazing hair care products: Smoothing Shampoo – certified organic […]

Sharing Beauty – Springtime Flowers

This going to be a fun post to do. I love taking photos of all kind of flowers. Sharing with you today the beauty of springtime as I see it through the lens of my Note 4 cell phone. I hope you enjoy this images below 🙂 Nothing is more beautiful than cheerfulness in an […]

Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate by MyChelle Review

I tend to shop at Sprouts here in my home town. Well as always I am looking for a product that will work and by a brand I haven’t tried yet or something new from a few of the brands I like. MyChelle is one of those type brands. I was chatting with one of […]

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Liquid Eyeliners & Liquid Lipstick Review

Brand new from Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color – Bold Defining 24HR Liquid Eye Liner, Bold Liquid Lipstick. So here we go! For starters I do not usually wear liquid eyeliner, have yet to find out that I really like, easy to apply, and easy to remove. Well, I am still on the hunt. 🙁 Out […]