Happy Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

I have way too many things I am thankful for on this day, when we fill ourselves of good food. I thought I would write out a small list of things I am so thankful for. First off, I will have to say the best person to ever let me be part of his life, […]

Fall Fashion Do’s and Don’ts – Interview with WNBC contributor Raina Seitel

I got lucky to take part in a interview with Raina and ask her a few questions of my own. 1. What are top trends we’re seeing this year that are just updated versions of years gone by? Raina: We are seeing 90’s fashion back in a big way. Also, a nod to the 1950’s […]

Anti-Aging Skincare – Perfect C PRO Speed Peel New by MyChelle

New by MyChelle skincare brand! This is amazing because you can do a pro speed peel at home as part of your anti-aging skincare routine! I love it! What is Perfect C PRO Speed Peel? A professional-level, one-step, one-minute, fast-acting 25% Citrus Fruit puree peel. Formulated with 10% L-Ascorbic Acid blended with L-Lactic Acid, Plant […]

Hints from Heloisie 5 Piece Box Set – Let’s Go Old School!

I have a set of 5 helper books by Heloise’s wrote back in the 60’s through the 70’s. If you do not know who she is? Visit her website at Heloise.com The books and tips I am getting my fun little post from were written by the original Heloise. A full set of 5 books […]

Collagen HA Triple Boost Face Serum by Hyalogic review

I been trying a lot of different face serums these days. I really like face oils but during the summer? Not so much. When my favorite store has a 25% off sale on beauty products? That is when I tend to buy something new to see if I would want it even at full price. […]

The Seaweed Co. Exfoliating Detox Body Scrub Review

When I bought this I thought it was a face scrub, I didn’t realize it for your body and not your face! But you can’t tell when you look at the tube itself. So silly me, I tried it on my face first. For a body scrub, this one is amazing! The Seaweed Bath Co. […]