5 Tips On How You Can Repair Your Dull Looking Skin

Doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, having glowing skin is a must. Now if only you could get yours to glow, right? Many of us deal with skin that doesn’t look as good as it could. Dull skin is a common challenge faced by many different age and race groupings, as […]

Pixie Cosmetics Liquid Lustre Shimmering Dimensional Lip Gloss (Pink Kisses) Review

I have been on the hunt for a replacement for a lip gloss called Pink Kisses. Well really its a Liquid Lustre called Pink Kisses, but still its just the right shade of peachy shimmery pink, and lots of fun shimmers. The company I used to get it from has closed down. I know its […]

What People With a Masters in Fashion Merchandising Actually Do

Have you ever wondered just what you can do with your Master’s in Fashion Merchandising? Somethings you never think about, but wouldn’t be a awesome job to work with clothes all day? Check out my guess blogger take on what people probably do with a degrees in Fashion Merchandising! Clothes are a normal part of […]

Why You Should Make Time to Relax More Often

We have a wonderful guest blogger today! Rachel is offering items on why we all need to relax more often. Take it away Rachel! …. Life keeps you busy, doesn’t it? You work eight-hour shifts (if not longer), maintain a home, and for some, you even have a family to look after. You spend so […]

Why is looking for a replacement mascara so darn hard?

I’m on a hunt.. I have been hunting for months now looking for a good replacement for my favorite mascara. What happen is my favorite mascara is no longer offering waterproof type. I need waterproof because it is the pretty much the only way my lashes will stay curled all day. I use a curler […]

LIMITED EDITION Clean Luxury Travel Collection by GLOSS MODERNE Review

I am always on the outlook for hair care brands that are vegan if at all possible. I have been wanting to try Gloss Moderne but they are not cheap. I didn’t want to buy a set of shampoo & conditioner only to find out it doesn’t live up what I think it should be […]