Can one wear black mascara after 40?

What a very interesting question. Or at least I think so. I will admit I am over 40 and I think one should wear makeup that reflects more of what you feel than what your age says your makeup should be. Meaning most of the time I feel more in my thirties and just because I have a birthday coming up doesn’t mean I should act that number. That also means that if you are over 40 you don’t wear the style of makeup someone who is 20 does. Thats just going too young but if you are say 45 whats wrong with wearing the same style of makeup that someone who is 35? The age and what you are doing in your life isn’t that much different.

So the answer in my mind is Yes you can wear black mascara at 40 but don’t start wearing all those wild colors that someone in their 20’s can wear, thats just being silly!! The means no glitter eye shadow, eyeliner of mascara!! At least think about what you should be wearing and then try to find a style that fits you. I am a blond with blue eyes, most makeup creators say I shouldn’t wear black mascara.. ahh wrong I won’t wear the color mascara they say is the color I need to be wearing (brown/black)

The color of the month seems to be blue. Yes blue for your toes that is. With nail art as well.� I was reading my mag Nails June 2007� issue and on the front page is these really awesome looking toes in blue nail polish. The idea came from Some Blue from when you get married. Why not wear blue nail polish while getting married its something blue right? lol So I talked with my buddy Cindy the owner of BB Couture Nail Polish about a cream blue and she has come up with one. I used to be able to offer Blue Hawaii by Toma but they are all out of their cream blue but BB Couture has it!!

nameless blue

Come back soon I got this really cool idea that I got to run by Cindy first to see what she thinks of it and if she is willing to go with it.. oh my you are going to love it!!! This blue has no name as of yet so you know what I might thinking about don’t you?

Your thoughts on this blue.. is it creamy enough for you or does it need to have more blue? Or by looking at the image does it have enough? Its such a pretty color I have it sitting on my desk next to a color called Prom Night Pink thats pretty enough for a bride as well. I will start offering in on as soon as I get a image for it. Wow its a awesome pink..

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