Nail Polish without Fish Scales

This is really silly but I had no idea that fish scales are what makes the glitter in your nail polish! I sell nail polish on my site so I should know something as important as the fact. There are many of you out there that don’t believe in harming any animals and that means fish as well. So if you want to wear nail polish that has that pretty shine to it or glitter but you really read the ingredients and wow there it is…fish scales. Not good.

I was talking with Cindy (owner of BB Couture Nail Polish) and I asked her about whats this about fish scales? It seems its easier to use that then to come up with a product or ingredient that is totally animal free. Oh ok I got that.. I am a fish eater but I could I totally believe in not harming animals for beauty gains. Thats wrong and I try to have products on my site that don’t harm anything. Well Cindy told me that she has a list of nail polishes she offers now that do not have fish scales in them and will be only making nail polish free of fish scales.. That will be able to be called vegan.. Awesome huh?

Here is the list of nail polishes that are totally good for you but these still have fish scales in them. Some I do not offer yet but I will.
#116 Caramel Carma
#118 Lilac Mousse
#142 Tangerine Scream
#143 Tropical Sunset
#144 Karibbean Kiersti
#147 Grip-Base
#148 Hard-On
#149 Top-Rock
#150 Minute Wonder
#151 Icy Orchid
#154 Peony Pink
#155 Pale Poppy
#157 Extreme Rock

Now just because it does have fish scales in it doesn’t mean its all bad or something. I am just letting you know that there are big name brands out there that do and they aren’t saying anything about it. I can say there are a few smaller nail polish companies that have taken it among themselves not to use fish scales.

Another brand that I don’t happen to offer and wish I could is Sparitual and you can find that at and they offer all types of good stuff that is vegan. If that is something you are looking for. I am looking at the back on my Nailpro mag and see their ad.

It says “Vegan Multipurpose Spa Products For Body, Hands, Feet and Nails” What I know about vegan is they do not even use bee by products like honey or eggs from chickens because its still thought of as part of the animal. You know you have really got to be able to stand by what you believe to be willing to do that. Good for you!!
In the long run it all about what you believe. If you feel that it doesn’t matter that your nail polish may have fish scales it in, thats ok if you believe that it must be without, good for you to.

There is enough room in this world for everyone who believes, at least be willing to stand by what you believe and don’t be a slave to something not necessary. Beauty comes with responsibility at times you need to think of what it does to the earth as well as what it does for those who can not talk for themselves. Unless you’re my guinea pig and she talks all the time!! (gift from my youngest when he moved out she became mine) LOL

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    Heres the link, I havent finished the post yet but it should be done today or tomorrow.

  3. Nubar is completely vegan they even say on their produt that they contain no fishscales. I was going to do a little post about this on my blog soon.