How to Pick a Nail Polish Color for Black Dress or any Color Dress

When it comes time to wear a dress, it usually means we are off to some formal occasion, got our self’s a hot date or whatever. You have this amazing dress, but your nails are bare looking. Do you match your lipstick and your nail polish on your fingernails and toes or what?

Years ago when woman wore dresses all the time, the thing to do was match your eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish if they wore any. Nail polish once thought of as someone “those other women wore” nothing a good upstanding woman would ever think of wearing. Thank goodness that has changed! Today there are so many colors of nail polish that it can be a bit unnerving trying to decide what goes with what or if you should wear one color for everything.

Do you plan what you are going to wear? Most of us with a hot date start planning what to wear from the minute he asked me out. Depending on the guy depends on what I am going to be wearing. First dates are always the hardest to plan what to wear. If you are going to be wearing jeans then any color of nail polish will work. Now if you are going to be wearing a dress for him on your first date then you really need to plan the whole look you want him to see you as.

If you are wearing a black dress, with your eyes done up smoky, then you will probably want to wear a dark color nail polish. If you did your eyes smoky in colors other than black and brown, say plum instead then you might want to wear a color such as deep burgundy or burnt brown to off set the colors you are wearing.

Now for all you pink nail polish wearers, when it comes to dressing up, you should wear a darker pink polish. It will make you look a littler classier and that’s one of the reasons we wear a dress to something now. With most of us not even getting out of our jeans for dates, wearing a dress is like playing grown up, and who wants to do that?

What ever you do , don’t do the whole matching thing, if you are wearing deep rich red polish on your nails, do wear it on your toes because you look more put together but don’t match your lipstick to it! Besides if you are wearing smoky eyes you know that your lips much be almost bare in color to make sure that your eyes is all he sees.

If your nails are not looking all that great, do check out the amazing nail care kits that Overall Beauty now offers. Take care of your nails because nothing looks worst than you got this amazing dress on, brand new pair of open toe shoes you been just dying to wear and your nail polish on your fingernails and toes is chipped. OH NO redo your nail polish on your fingernails and toes because you do not have a finished look, and look like someone he wants to know. Besides ladies who do we really dress up for, him or other women? LOL

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