Chipped Nail Polish? Tips to help with it

This beautiful dark nail polish is from the FairyTale Collection by BB Couture. It shows what a beautiful set of nails should look like without chips. The nails belong to a customer of BB Couture who really loves her nail polish!

BB Couture Nail Polish Dragon's Breath

No matter what, nail polish does chip. Often when you are wearing dark nail polish does the chips really become very noticeable.  Sometimes you will see a actor with chipped nail polish and that just looks tacky. They say to wear light colored nail polish is chipping is a major problem for you and you don’t have to the time to change it all the time.

Why does nail polish chip? There are a number of reasons why your nail polish will chip, either its because when it was applied it was applied too heavy, or without a base coat and top coat. It happens also if your nails are really dry and flaky for other reasons besides the fact you are wearing nail polish. Another problem could be as simple as when you gotten a manicure done, the oils or lotions that were used on your nails, will cause your nail polish not stick to your fingernails.  But no matter what even the most expertly applied nail polish will become chipped from general wear and tear and you will need to take the time to repair it.

If you are looking for a way to help your nail polish stay put longer and not chip try using vinegar and wipe off  your nails before applying your base coat. When you apply your nail polish be sure to apply it all the way to the tips and then a on the tip itself. Be sure that the top coat you are using does not shrink your polish.

But how does one repair chipped nail polish? Before you start getting out your nail polisher remover be careful because you want to remove the chipped polish off one nail not all nails. But if your nail polish is chipped on more than 2  fingernails you might just want to remove it and redo all your nails.

To fix your chipped nail polish try this: use a medium weight buffer, smooth over the chipped area. When you are painting over the chipped area, just ‘dab’ it on lightly with the brush. Let it dry ‘touch-dry’ and then paint over the whole nail. The reapply your Top Coat over the nail after the polish has dried.

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  1. Marisa Anderosn :

    Luved all you useful tips for fixing chipped nail polish. I never knew that the oils and lotions could prevent my polish from adhering properly. This is sooo helpful to know!

    • You would be amazed at some of the simple things that will stop your nail polish from staying put.. 😉 Glad to help!! Stop again sometime and show off your nails!

  2. “Its always good to learn tips like you share for blog posting. As I just started posting comments for blog and facing problem of lots of rejections. I think your suggestion would be helpful for me. I will let you know if its work for me too.”

  3. That color of nail polish is beautiful and this really helped me to save time when my nail polish chips. I’ll be using this method to prolong my nail color life from now on!

  4. that is beautiful