Under-Eye Concealers or Under-Eye Correctors huh?

I got asked the other day what was the difference between under-eye concealers and under-eye correctors? I got busy looking up the difference between the two because I thought they were the same thing.

Well in fact they are not. Under-eye concealers are used to lighten up around your eyes, usually for dark circles. Under-eye correctors are used to correct a color problem. Such as too dark of under-eye circles, redness around your nose and between your eye brows and covering blemishes. Wow I really had no idea.
I got out  one of my many trusted makeup books I have. You have no idea how many makeup books I have! LOL

Bobbie Brown ” Bobbie Brown Makeup Manual”. I got my copy at Costco but its at Amazon  if you want a copy. Did you know that Beth Bender of Beth Bender Beauty once worked with Bobbie Brown on sets? Just something Beth Bender told me once about where she got her best training about makeup by working with the world famous Bobbie Brown. This before she went on to create her own makeup company “Beth Bender Beauty”.

Now this is from Bobbie Brown’s Book on Correctors:

Page 50 “Correctors brighten up the darkest areas under your eyes, allowing concealers to both lighten and blend.”

Page 52 ” Correctors are for extreme under-eye darkness. If your skin is pale, choose the lightest colors, beginning with bisque or light pink. For deeper skin tones, choose peach or darker peach.”

If anyone is going to know about correctors and concealers is Bobbie Brown. I would pick up her book if you got time. The information in all of her books are so helpful. You find beauty tips that you would never thought of.

After reading up on concealers and correctors from all types of different places I decided to write a article about just concealers. Being that is can be really hard to pick the right type for you.
Under-Eye Concealers: What Type is Best for You? Did you know that there are four different types of concealers you can buy just for starters?

“Bobbie Brown Makeup Manual” Copyright Dec 2008 by Bobbie Brown Evolution LLC Pick up your copy at Amazon.com today!

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