Matte Nail Polish: Love It Hate It?

Matte nail polish ~ you either love it or hate it. My question today is what is it about matte nail polish that has it showing up on fingernails all over the place? Once thought of a just for men idea, matte finish is very fashion forward thinking, its fun  its fresh and every edgy. And there are many choices to choose from, you can buy matte nail polish or you can buy a matte finish top coat to wear over all the other colors of nail polish you have already to change things up a bit.

But there is a small problem with matte nail polishes.

There are things that you usually do when you apply nail polish that isn’t a great idea if you are going to be wearing mattes. Now the biggest issue you are going to run across with mattes is they will not wear as long as any of your other nail polishes are going to. The companies that have created mattes have had to take out an ingredient. You want to wear mattes well there are other things you have to do as well.

First off you can’t wear a Top Coat because well Top Coats are glossy and it will ruin the matte finish. You are going for flat look here, so no Top Coats.

Second: some brands say you can wear it with a base coat and others recommend that you do not. So if you are going to wear a matte nail polish check with the manufacturer to see what they say.

On Zoya Nail Polish blog they tell you all about the do’s and dont’s for wearing their brands of mattes. One this is if you apply their matte polish with a base coat, the base coat and matte polish dry at different rates and can cause all types of problems, shrinking, rigidness, and even a goopy mess that may take all day to dry. Visit Zoya Nail Polish Blog here: Zoya Nail Polish Blog about their Mattes.

Don’t want to buy a whole stock of matte nail polishes but want to see how it looks on your nails? Then check out Matte Finishes instead. Essie Cosmetics was one of the first to come out with a matte finish, and get this is was created to match the matte finish on Mercedes-Benz Black Series during last season’s Fashion Week. Humm can I just have the car instead please? lol

BB Couture also has a Matte Finish Top Coat for men and women. One thing you do need to know about a Matte Finish Top Coat and it doesn’t matter who makes it, there might be a distortion of the nail polish color you are wearing it over. What you are doing when you wear a Matte Finish Top Coat is your turning your glossy polish into a matte.

Example below:

Examples of Matte Finish by BB Couture over Impact Driver, BB Nail Polish color for men

And yes I did have a chat with our local nail polish guy Jake. And when I asked him about matte nail polish and matte finish top coats this is what he say:

“Smooth, glossy nail polish looks awesome on women’s nails.  It’s sexy!  And the polished look is something that I think most would agree goes well with the kind of flashy and sparkly attire women can tastefully wear.
But for men, guys tend to want to be less showy and ‘polished’.  Matte or semi-matte nail polish gives men the option of wearing polish on their nails without being obvious or over the top.  It can also add a subtle sense of style to a man’s feet while he remains tasteful and more approachable.
When worn over a darker color like black or deep silver, the matte finish really looks good on men’s feet and can help create a sophisticated yet stylish detail that gives a guy an edge over ‘just plain’.  When applied neatly and with care, a man will attract more attention with his toes polished, and many women find this to be attractive and adds a depth of allure and interest to the guy.
Men have certainly earned a poor reputation for generally not caring about the condition of their feet.  And rightly so!  Most men’s feet are rough, dry and the condition of the nails are often ragged and unkempt.  But the guy who takes the time to have his feet cleaned up and cared for by enjoying a professional pedicure will reap benefits and admiration by women because they pick up that he is confident and cares enough to take care of himself, even down to his feet.
The addition of a tasteful color of polish on his toes just adds that extra dimension that sets him apart from the typical guys who play it safe.  Matte finish nail polish is perfect for men and is something that I enthusiastically encourage men to try!”  Jake the Toe Paint Guy Visit his images here on
What are your thoughts about Matte Nail Polishes over all? Are they worth having? Do you think they are just a trend for now or do you think they are here to stay? If anyone owns one and have a swatch, do email me ok? I would love to share it with everyone.. I have matte finishes I don’t own any mattes.. but Zoya does have one I am looking at really hard.. 😉
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  1. How do i remove my matt nail polish its very difficult to remove!

    • What type of nail polish remover are you trying to use? I have found that if I use a drugstore brand works best. Hold a cotton ball soaked with drugstore nail polish remover for at least a minute on the nail. That should help remove it. I try not to use pure acetone but that maybe what you need. Can you tell me what brand of matte nail polish you are trying to remove? Are you using matte nail polish or are you using a gel that you had done by a nail tech?

  2. I hate the matte look, even matte lipstick. I love shiny things. The shinier the better. The only way I’ll do matte polish is if it’s paired with glossy tips.

    @jimmichoo…..when they strip a car for a new paint job, it becomes matte. I personally think it’s the most hideous thing.

  3. Deirdre Reynolds :

    I don’t really care for matte finishes over a creme polish but I think they give a nice textured effect to pearls and glitters. I have a matte top coat but I don’t own any matte polishes.

  4. I love the look in fact im wearing some right now its purple with little sparkles in it!

  5. Shiny Polished nails have been done for years now i think its awesome to have something different!! – just like cars shiny has been done you will see they are going to bring out matte cars brand new the industry needs to go somewhere different because its all been done before!! :)People generally don’t like things cause its not the “norm” to them!! C’mon people get some creativity about you and step outside the box once in a while – it wont kill you!

  6. I recently bought Revlons Emerald City (ref 032 in the UK) without realising it was matte, silly me! I detest matte – it’s dowdy and dull! Have used a top coat to spruce it up and it shines magnificently now – thankfully. Yay!
    X ladoll

    • I bought one by Orly not realizing it was a matte as well.. I really do not care for that look either.. I have to put a shiny top coat over it to make it wearable.. so I totally relate to what you are saying!!

  7. Ughhhh, I hate it! I think matte nail polish is the worst thing to ever come out for nails. It looks tacky, unfinished and unfeminine.

  8. I recently discovered matte nail polishes and I fell in LOVE with them! LOL… I’m the type of person who wears the usual glossy nail polishes and having matte ones on my nails give off a different look. 😉