Pedicure made easy: Quick fix for ugly toe nails

Pedicure Beauty tips for Springtime Beauties
Spring is in the air, your feet are sure to start itching to show off those cute sandals you bought just yesterday, but look at your toes nails!! Can’t afford to go have a pedicure done? Why not do one at home? You can do it!!

Pedicure with pretty flowers

Quick fix for ugly toe nails. Pedicure made easy
Get together a large towel, toenail clippers, a nail brush, orange stick, buffer, file, callus cream, pumice stone, cotton balls, nail polish remover if you still have nail polish on, nail polish, toe separators, foot scrub or a really good body sugar scrub, foot lotion or body lotion (just be sure its thick), pan big enough to put your feet in, bath oil and Epsom salts.

The idea is pretty easy.. find yourself your favorite chair, add warm water to your pan with a few teaspoons of bath oil to help soften up your feet. Add a tablespoon of Epsom salts if your feet are tired and achy as well. Remove any nail polish that might still be on your toenails. Sit back and let your feet soak for 5 minutes or so. Take your feet out and add callus cream, if you happen to have thick calluses, around all your toenails and put your feet back into the pan for a few minutes.

Use the nail brush to remove any dirt and to exfoliate any dry skin. Use your orange stick to gently remove any dirt or built up dry skin under your toenails. If you had applied callus cream around your toenails gently use your orange stick to push back the overgrown skin. Be care while doing this.

Scrub your feet using a very nice sugar scrub by Paradise Potions

Use your foot scrub or body sugar scrub and give your feet one foot at a time a really good scrub. You while you are working on one foot keep the other foot warm by wrapping it in a warm towel. Rinse off the scrub and pat dry. Now is a great time to use your pumice stone to treat your feet to a gentle exfoliation. Specially your heels where calluses has built up the most. Having dried cracked feet can be painful and if your feet have been wearing boots all winter long this could be the reason.

If so then apply a thick layer of body butter or lotion to your feet and wrapped them in warm towels to have soften them up even more. Do this for a hour or so overnight in socks.

Unwrap your feet and you are done! If you are going to apply nail polish its like it would be if you had a manicure. Put on your toe separator’s. Use a cotton ball with nail polish remover to remove any oils off your toe nails. Apply a base coat, wait at least a minute and apply one coat of nail polish. Wait at least 3 minutes between coats. Apply your top coat and you are done! Wait at least 30 minutes before putting on shoes to prevent smudging.
You need an idea for painting your toenails with right?  You might want to start now by checking out this color not offered yet by BB Couture!! 😉

Red nails wearing a yet to be named nail polish by BB Couture

The cuticle oil by Paradise Potions used isn’t yet being offered either.. bad aren’t I? 🙂 What you think like the color?

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