The Adventure of Mr. Turtle Or What Did You Do Nice Today?

Today was one of those shopping days I do every two weeks for the family. Its off to Sam’s Club, Costco, Trader Joe’s and places in between. Today I had my son Derek with me.
We had just got everything done and was on the way home to put all the groceries away when on a side street by my home something caught my eye. I had to stop!! There in the middle of the road was a turtle!! A big one at that!!
Pictures taken with my cell phone..

NO LIE!! There isn’t a river, or water anywhere near where we found him. So Derek picked him up and we took him home with us. I called my favorite pet store in the area.. Pets To Go.. wave out to the best pet store in the world!
I asked what I could do to help out this turtle. I don’t know anything about turtles just bearded dragons.. The clerk on the phone told me I could look it up on the web or I could bring it in and they could tell us if it was a wild turtle or not.

The owner was very nice to tell us that its a common turtle found in streams around us, why he was in the middle of the road miles away from water.. well it seems Mr. Turtle was looking for Mrs. Turtle.. 😉 And was willing to go a very long way to find her..

Here is better photo of him:
What I did on my summer day, helped out a lost turtle
It was funny, this turtle watched us and followed our voices while we were trying to decide just how to help this little guy. Well he wasn’t that little, he was the size of a DVD Tape box, end to end.
We had a few choices one was taking him to the animal center in town or relocate him ourselves. So we decided to take him for a ride in the car to a place about 15 minutes or so outside of town away from people and roads.
Well we got to the end of Franklin Street and there was policewomen sitting there in her car, so we pulled up to ask for directions on where the wetlands where. We had been told by the owner of Pets to Go to follow Franklin down till we got there, nope that didn’t happen so I asked for directions. Well this is so wrong she got us lost. lol We were to take a left not a right onto old Franklin road.. she did have very nice fingernails by the way.. lol

It ended up taking us longer than 15 minutes to find water that we could leave Mr. Turtle in.. but we did..

We found this area called The Delta where there was water. It was far away enough from people that he wouldn’t be found by some kid and he wouldn’t be crossing a road where he didn’t belong.

What I meant by what did you do nice today is this, you never know when you will do something nice for someone or something. I had a nice drive in the country looking for water with my son.. we talked and giggled and try to keep a turtle calm.. It felt so good to do something like this. We didn’t have to find him a new home, I could of taken him to the animal center and they could of done it for us but we didn’t.
We are all animal lovers in our home, I just wanted to share with you that you never know when you might need to do something nice for something in need. Mr Turtle has a new home and we had a tale to tell!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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  1. Mr. Turtle looks so cute 😀