Tips For Men When You Want to Visit a Nail Salon For The First Time

Jake's toes wearing Dinner Jacket by BB CoutureGot a guest blogger today! Jake the toe paint guy send me an email with tips for a guy when you would want to visit the nail salon for the first time. I thought it would be wonderful to share is his amazing tips right here for you.

Tips for men when visiting a salon:

1)Call ahead. Setting up an appointment ahead of time provides many advantages:
a. You will be expected and have a known time slot that you can plan on
b. You will be able to learn what services are offered for men
c. You will know the price and options available
d. You will avoid landing in the middle of a nail party (such as for a wedding) or busy time!
e. You will be more relaxed – and the salon will be too!

2)Communicate what you want. You might want the works – a full spa pedicure and/or manicure. Or, you might just want a basic pedicure. Maybe you like your nails just buffed, or maybe you like to wear them with polish. Tell the nail tech what you like so that she or he knows how to best serve you.

3)Ask for their suggestions. These folks are pros and have a knack for knowing what will look good – especially on you. And, they can clue you in on the new trends if you like to keep ahead of the styles.

4)Come prepared. Not all salons have reading material that men like – bring some of your own. And, if you like a particular brand or color of polish, bring a bottle with you.
Or, you could be adventurous and try something from their impressive collection. There are many new colors coming out for men now, so why not give it a try?

5)Clean up. Just before arriving, take a shower or bath, shave and wear some neat, clean clothes. If having a pedicure or manicure, clean under your nails so that the nail tech doesn’t have to deal with that.

6)Tip generously! People who work in salons don’t usually do it just for the money. They love the work and want to serve their customers. Tips are a good way that you can compliment them and show your appreciation for their good work. And it helps them remember you the next time you return, so that you get even better service!

7)Enjoy your refreshed look. Yeah, guys can have great-looking hands, feet and nails too, and it sure beats having rough, calloused and grungy looking digits. And women really appreciate a guy who takes care of himself.

8)And, my last bit of advice is to go with your girlfriend or wife, especially if you have never been to a nail salon before. It will be more fun and enjoyable to share the experience, and she will love the treat too!

I would really like to thank Jake for these great tips for men. Don’t be shy try once you might find you really enjoyed it!

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  1. i like nails acrylic extensions like what the girls have of the only way is Essex lol, i find them alot girlier x

    • Well then that sounds like fun to wear! I don’t like the upkeep of acrylics. Why not visit a salon not around you and see if they do acrylics such as party nails? What are party nails? They are temp nails for those who want longer nails for photos shoots or parties or weddings. They are meant to stay put for very long. That would give you a great idea if you like them for a longer period of time. Tell them you lost a bet and your wife/girl friend/best buddie says you had to do these. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. i want to get acrylics but i dont know how the women would feel or act doing them on a man.

    • Hi Darrell,
      Well that is a tough question. You don’t say if you want to get acrylics in your fingernails or toenails. I know someone who gets them on his fingernails because he plays music and his own nails are strong enough. I know another guy who gets them on his toenails because he plays sports and is forever doing damage to his toes. So the only way he can look amazing in sandels is to have acrylics done. If you are in the US that is a easier question to answer, but it is still hard. What you can do is go into a nail salon not around where you live and get them done. That way they won’t know you if they live in your area. Or what you can do is visit a salon to see how the teach their customers overall. And if you decide you like the place? Ask them to speak only English around you because you feel its rude that they don’t. What you can do is come right out and ask, what do you think about doing acrylics on a guy? Money is money right? It shouldn’t bother them to do it, they getting paid to do so. I would go to a higher class nail salon one you can see the licenses of the nail techs on the wall or something. That is to help protect you. Maybe you could just go right ahead and go into the nail salon and watch how they deal with their customers. Or maybe you could just come right now and ask them what they think and working on a man’s hands or toes. I hope these tips help!

  3. I don’t know… I recently did get the courage to show my nails to a plutonic female friend of mine… she pretty much laughed at me… she did say “that’s awesome”, but made me feel like it was ridiculous to want to have them painted and that I “better not let people from work see” etc.

    My biggest problem is that I’ve had a few negative reactions from it and I really don’t want to risk showing people I know (family/friends) as I seem to have more to lose than to gain… I know my girlfriend doesn’t like it, and I can’t imagine my immediate family thinking I was anything less than loony for it…

    Any thoughts on that or am I doomed to have to hide my nail polishing ways forever (other than from random people)?

    • This is one of the hardest comments to answer. It can be so tough to want to do something and yet be laughed at for doing it. Without friends, or even a girlfriend to be ok’d with you wearing nail polish, its hard to know what to say. Most guys have at least one friend or family or other who doesn’t mind them wearing it. I wish I knew what to say.. 🙁 Sucks that in this day and age there are still such narrow minded people.. it really sucks.. 🙁

  4. Took your advice… went to a different place… MUCH better experience. When I walked in I was greeted with smiles and the receptionist asked right off the bat if I was going to get polish. The nail tech (and the other nail tech working on the person beside me) were very encouraging and positive the whole time.

    More expensive, and debatably less good of a job, but it was actually fun… AND now I’ve got ten great looking fingers and ten great looking toes! … now the question is…. will I get the courage to let other people see them 😛

    • That is awesome news! So good to hear that you got better service else where. 🙂 Don’t worry take your time, soon you will be able to show off your nails and toes without fear. 😉

  5. I’ve been wanting to get a professional manicure/pedicure for a while now… finally worked up the courage and got one done (no polish – mostly because I chickened out). I went back a month later and “manned up” and asked for black polish. The nail tech made me feel SUPER awkward about it, and the whole time, she made little snide comments, or gave me the “raised eyebrow”. What a terrible experience. At least I’ve got great looking hands and feet with professionally-applied polish now 🙂

    • How rude of the nail tech! She should be glad for the business, male or female!! Do try it again and go to a different one. There is no reason to be treated that way..


  7. I am wearing polish on my toe nails for about 2 years now. i love the attention I get when walking in the mall. It makes me more confident. I even had possitive comments from other men and enjoyed it.Its just something else. guys wear your polish its a new era.

  8. That was fantastic advice. *forwards on to husband*

  9. My fiance got a manicure once at a salon – he doesn’t like to admit it, but he really liked it – his nails looked so much more professional!

  10. Yours is great advice for us guys Jake! I always call well in advance for my appointments and I usually book for when the salon first opens. As a part-time hand model, I depend on my manicurist and I always tip her generously. I also give her a nice holiday bonus. Plus, I converse with her on common interests, such as cooking, child-raising, family vacations, etc. Makes for a great professional relationship and it puts us both at ease.