A Couple of Quick Nail Care Tips

Here is a few nail care tips I came across that I felt might be of some help, or interest.

Do your nails peel? My fingernails do especially during the fall to winter season. Something about when the weather changes, my fingernails start to peel at the tips.
As someone who gets peeling nails I have found this tip to be a lot of help. Avoid quick-dry nail polishes for starters. That also means if you go to get your nails done, don’t let them spray your nails with that quick-dry spray. That will break down your polish faster along with drying out your nails.
Now on how to nail care for weak nails. We do things that do not help our nails without even realizing we are causing them harm.

Do not file your nails when they are wet, it just tears at them leaving them even more weak. Try not to peel off the nail tip because then your nail is weaker, and will lead to breaking off.
File your nails lightly, no sawing back and forth. You want to file enough to keep it in shape and the layers even. I have found personally after filing them for one side or the other, to lightly file the tips like you are buffing them.
It helps even out the layers as well. Always care a nail file with you to you can gently smooth out any rough edges that might get caught of something. If you do not carry or have a nail file handy a matchbook with work as well. If possible keep them painted that will help strengthen them.

Now about nail polishes.

You need to stay around from especially those that still available with formaldehyde listed as one of their ingredients. Most companies have removed formaldehyde from their ingredients but you will still find older bottles of polishes as well as cheap brands that still have it listed.

Over time, it can have a drying effect on your nails, which is just one more reason to keep your hands and nails moisturize at all times. If you are reacting to your nail polish, cuticles starting to get red, puffy or even your eyes, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction.
Check the label because it may have formaldehyde or formaldehyde residue.

Little side note here: Lucky for us BB Couture never had formaldehyde in their brand to start with, while other brands are busy removing it, BB Couture started out without it. Cool huh? 🙂

Here is nail care tip I came across that I found to be most interesting.

How to extend the life of your nail polish while still in its bottle. After your manicure/pedicure clean off the top of the bottle rim with a tissue. What you are doing is stopping the buildup of nail polish on the rim and lip of your nail polish bottle.

After time the polish build up will allow for air to get into the bottle causing the polish to evaporate.

Now if your polish has thickened up or become gloppy, which can happen over time do not use nail polish remover to thin it out. There are specially thinners now just for that. If your nail polish has become thick or gloppy adding nail polish remover is just going to be a temporarily help. It will just cause your polish to evaporate quicker. So its really not a help at all.

There you go, a few helpful hints and tips for your Saturday. While you are looking about, check out the brand new colors we now offer by BB Couture!

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