What Color Nail Polish do I Wear with my Dress? Questions From my Email Again

It seems this is the week for what color nail polish do I wear with (fill in the blank color) dress Kim?
It seems there must be some major parties going on that everyone is looking for information on just what color nail polish works for their dress color of choice.
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Mostly this week it has been what color nail polish do I wear with my black dress? Which is the most popular color dress I can’t decide what color polish to wear with this week. Even though I did get asked what to wear with my orange dress and what do I wear with my yellow dress? I even got asked what color nail polish goes with my eggplant color dress cause my son is getting married question.. Wow talk about a range of different shades of dress colors. How would you choose your nail polish?

So I decided it would be easy to tell you here on my blog.. I have a list of questions I asked each person so I could give them a few good ideas that I thought would work for them. Now please understand I am no expert on the subject of nail polish, I just happen to sell  lots of amazing indie brands of nail polish as well as a few bigger brands such as BB Couture on my website which is why I get asked often what color to wear. Now that we now offer Above the Curve, Cult Nails,  Picture Polish, Dollish Polish as well as Serum no.5 and more, we got lots more colors to pick from!

Here we go with my list of questions to think about when choosing your nail polish. (don’t match your lipstick and your nail polish please, that is so very old school thinking. Just thought I would throw that in for kicks) icon wink What Color Nail Polish do I Wear with my Dress? Questions From my Email Again        

My first question when I get asked what color polish do I wear, is what is the event you are planning on going to? What you would wear to your senior prom is not the same as what you might wear on your first date or in one case to your son’s wedding. For example if you are going to a black tie event wearing a black full-length evening gown with open toed shoes, you might what to wear red on your toes for a splash of color, and do French tips on your nails. Nowhere does it say you have to wear the same color on your nails and toes, so remember that ok?

My next question would be what is your skin tone? There are some colors that even I being pale as I am just cannot wear, the color may make my hands look old, or washout depending on the shade in question. So that is why I would ask that question. It’s really good to know what colors you can’t wear, along with colors you can. Knowing helps narrow down your choices.

My next question is what you got on hand already? Why go out and buy a new bottle of nail polish if you are only going to wear it once? Unless you really need to, that is. icon wink What Color Nail Polish do I Wear with my Dress? Questions From my Email Again         Like we need reasons right ladies?

Now lets get into what nail polish colors I would wear with:
Yellow dress ~ I would for sure not wear yellow polish. Reds are always good choice, try a more orange red than a blue red.. Try Hermera or  Nude as good starting points, or gold like Fate would be fun.
Orange dress ~ I wouldn’t try to match the orange I would go to the other side of the color wheel which in this case would be blues or greens.. Don’t get me started on greens, I love them all! Blues stay away from light crèmes, go with your richer shades. Depending on your shade of orange,  Bunny Bum  might work because its a pastel   shade of a beautiful peach color. icon wink What Color Nail Polish do I Wear with my Dress? Questions From my Email Again        
Eggplant (purple) dress~ I have to disagree with my color wheel, I don’t think you want to wear Army green nail polish.. if you do check out Dark Waves of the Sea or Blind Love.. A neutral shade is good look at Santa Monica Sands or Barely There  by Serum no.5 . Depending again on the event would let you know if you are going to wear a glitter based nail polish or not.
Little black dress ~ really any color but black I think.. I would wear a gray like  Ashes. Or depending on why you are wearing that little black dress, add some shimmer or even a bit of glitter!. or go red with Sangria Party or Tuxedo Night. Or maybe silver holographic like  Risen by Above the Curve would be a blast! I would stay away from any light color yellows, or pale blues or greens because your dress needs to be what they are looking at. Pale shade of polish and a black dress just don’t seem like they would go together..

Well that’s its folks.. like I said I’m no expert on nail polish but if you could see my emails?? You would think I created nail polish not just offer the trendiest coolest brand ever BB Couture! And Holographics? Oh my gosh it has to be Above the Curve! Or these days there are lots of indie brands that offer amazing holographic shades.

PS: If you really can’t decide or you are worried that the color just won’t work or your run out of time to choose, go with your basic French Tips.. white tips with a natural nail color polish..
PSS: If you were wondering why not pink choices? I don’t wear pink nail polish so it was really tough to think of any.. but you know that colors from A Touch of Greecemight work for your little black dress.. humm or if you want to go super dark, check out here all the nail polishes colors we have to offer at Overall Beauty.. icon wink What Color Nail Polish do I Wear with my Dress? Questions From my Email Again        

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  1. helene on the April 8, 2011 remarked #

    what color would go well with silkver gown ?

    • sibini on the April 29, 2013 remarked #

      the color for my wedding dress is( champagne).

      • beautyqueen on the April 29, 2013 remarked #

        I hope I was able to give you some ideas. If you do not want to go plain as in french tips, look for a very nice nude shade, with maybe a bit of shimmer to it.
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  2. tiffi928 on the June 23, 2011 remarked #

    I am going to a pre wedding party and am wearing a bright blue dress, what color nail polish should I wear?

  3. swimmer494 on the July 15, 2011 remarked #

    i am wearing a neutural colored dress to a friends birthday party and i dont know wearther to go colour pop or blend it with the dress

  4. tiffi928 on the October 11, 2011 remarked #

    im wearing a bright green dress to a party

    • beautyqueen on the October 11, 2011 remarked #

      Are you looking for nail polish for your toes or nails? Your skin tone makes a different on a color choices.

  5. Bianca on the October 14, 2011 remarked #

    Hi. I am wearing a medium green dress to homecoming. Its not emerald but almost. I have a medium skin tone, olive complexion. And the dress has silver and gold sequins and im wearing a nude/pewter shoe. What color nails? I really want something thts not french. Silver? Lavender/lilac? Or like a neutral or light coral pink? Thanks!

    • beautyqueen on the October 15, 2011 remarked #

      After thinking about this for a while I came up with a few ideas for you. Not seeing the dress itself I am only guessing here.. Do you want your nails to stand out? I would wear a Glitter Gal Holo in Silver.. or Light as a Feather. I think they would help the silver in your dress stand out. And both colors can be worn by just about anyone. But that is just a silver color idea. If you don’t then I think a really soft silver would work. Nothing loud or with glitter. That would take away from the dress.
      You said something about maybe a lavender color? I would go light.. again not knowing for sure what color green the dress is because I haven’t seen it.. I think a soft peachy coral shade of nail polish would be nice too.. Like Pale Poppy by BB Couture but you may want to go lighter than that.
      Whatever you do, don’t wear red nail polish!! Then you are going to be looking like a Christmas tree! lol

  6. liz on the November 11, 2011 remarked #

    i’m wearing this dress http://www.bankfashion.co.uk/product/lipsy-jewel-one-shoulder-dress/63790/
    for my school formal i have a medium skin tone what color nail polish should i wear? and i have no idea how to wear my hair either (its very long and brown)

  7. calliegh on the December 14, 2011 remarked #

    i’m wearing a strapless dress the top half is black and the bottom half is cheetah print, i’m wearing black stilletoes open toed, what color nail polish should i wear? hands and feeet…..

    • beautyqueen on the December 15, 2011 remarked #

      I would wear either a nude shade that matches the lighter brown of the cheetah print, to work with your outfit.. or red..

  8. Kelsiii on the January 22, 2012 remarked #

    Hi so im wearing a red dress wiith red shoes annd I am not sure whatt color nail to have do you hhave any suggestions ? :)

  9. Elle on the January 28, 2012 remarked #

    Hi. I’m wearing a bright red gown to my Prom and my skin tone is fair. I’ll also be sporting black heels and clutch. My desired lipstick color is nude so I don’t think that nail polish choice would be good for my look.
    Please give suggestions on what nail polish color should I wear. Thanks!!!

  10. Artemis on the February 21, 2012 remarked #

    Thanks for such a quick answer! I actually have a pink nail polish with glitter. Also, what would you think of black nail polish? I know it’s the other extreme and being myself pale it could look a little bit gothic but it’s a nice contrast with the clutch I’m wearing…I’m still undecided

    • Artemis on the February 21, 2012 remarked #

      Thanks for all the tips! I’ll definitely have them in mind

      • beautyqueen on the February 21, 2012 remarked #

        Not a problem! Let me know what you decide ok? It would be great to hear about.. That is a awesome color dress by the way ;)

    • Artemis on the March 6, 2012 remarked #

      Hi! I finally wore a black, glittery nail polish, kinda like Chanel steel. It looked really good with the whole outfit, so thank you for your advice.
      For some reason I can’t reply to your last comment so I replied here :)

      • beautyqueen on the March 6, 2012 remarked #

        Oh wow that is so freaking awesome to hear!! I am glad that I was able to help even if it was just to give you some ideas.. :D

  11. Shelly on the May 13, 2012 remarked #

    HI. im wearing a short black dress with gold lace and sparkly heels to prom. my skin is a medium tan. i wasn’t sure what color nail polish to use. i didn’t want too many sparkles haha what do you think?

    • beautyqueen on the May 14, 2012 remarked #

      When you mean sparkles you are talking about glitter correct? You don’t want to take away from your shoes by wearing sparkly nail polish? On your nails or toes? Why not see if you can find a nail polish color that matches the gold in your dress? It won’t take away from the outfit.

      • Shelly on the May 20, 2012 remarked #

        thanks. i actually ended wearing a light light pink like nude and it worked pretty well

  12. Susan on the August 8, 2012 remarked #

    Hey, this Friday I am going to my cousins 15 birthday party a Quinceanera. Its formal to semi-formal. I will be wearing a mid thigh length lace dress. Its one shoulder and in the color Byzantium (a dark purple). My skin tone is a medium tan. I hope you answer quickly also I was considering wearing a thin yellow bow belt around my waist, i’m not sure if its a good idea or not. I would love your opinion

    • beautyqueen on the August 12, 2012 remarked #

      I think if the dress looks amazing on its own, I don’t think you would need to add anything to it. Unless you want your waist to be shown off, then add the belt. I would not wear it because it would take away from the dress. The idea when wearing a dress to a semi-formal is you don’t want anything that stops the eyes when they look at you. Like something is out of place but you can’t quite tell what it is?? You want your look to flow.. from top to bottom with nothing to stop the eyes. I would go without the yellow belt because it would stop the eyes from looking at all of you. The eyes would stop at the belt, and not really see how beautiful you look over all. Make any sense?

  13. Liana on the August 19, 2012 remarked #

    Hi I’m wearing a red dress to my engagement with black shoes and black stocking ( the light see through black) what colour nail polish would go?
    Do you think a electric blue would go? Please reply back ASAP

    • beautyqueen on the August 25, 2012 remarked #

      I would go with a red polish that matches your dress. Blue would show up way too bright in black stockings

  14. Iris on the August 19, 2012 remarked #

    Hi, I am wearing a one strap GOLD SEQUENCE short dress to a black tie gala. My shoes are nude to not take away from the dress. What color nail polish should I wear?

    • beautyqueen on the August 25, 2012 remarked #

      What color is your purse? If I was going to be wearing a gold sequence dress then I would be carrying either gold or black. I would wear nail polish that matches the color of the dress, or the purse if its gold. Have you looked into gold nail polish that is the same shade as your dress but works with your skin tone? Being its a black tie gala and wearing a gold dress, do not wear any color that is harsh, like blacks, purples, blues etc. You want to wear a color that works the dress.. ;) not take away from it. When picking a color, look at the dress and hold a color of polish up to it, do your eyes focus on the dress or do you see only the nail polish? Unless you are planning on making a statement, do not wear any color that will stand out and take away from the dress itself.

      • Iris on the August 29, 2012 remarked #

        Thanks for the great advice! The dress was the center piece of the gala. I went with french nails and gold purse. I was fabulous!…lol

        • beautyqueen on the September 4, 2012 remarked #

          Awesome to hear!! I bet you look amazing!!! Thanks for coming back and letting me know.. I would of loved to seen the dress.. :)

  15. amanda on the November 8, 2012 remarked #

    Hi.. i am going to the marine corps ball next week and im wearing a strapless silver(full sequin) gown and i dont know what to do with my nails.. im trying to stay away from the basic french tip. I also am wearing open toe silver heels. I have very pale skin and blonde hair(if that changes anything) (:

    • beautyqueen on the November 9, 2012 remarked #

      As someone who is blond I understand how tough it can be. Not sure, how long are your nails? You might try a simple pale pink.. or if you do the basic French Tip try a no-glitter silver instead of the usually white tips. Red is always good for the toes, stay away from a orange red, it makes our pale skin look yellow.. :(

  16. Melissa on the November 10, 2012 remarked #

    I am going for my school formal, and my dress is black. My heels are black as well, and my accessories are black and gold. My clutch, is a dullish gold. What colour nails do you think would suit best? Thanks.

    • beautyqueen on the November 10, 2012 remarked #

      You may find this a odd answer. Depending on the length of your nails. I would go black polish for your nails if your nails are short, and nude nails of they are long. Nude nails I mean wearing a nude shade of polish, not naked nails. The black nail polish not a matte shade, you want high glossy shiny black. The idea is not to take away from your dress. You don’t say if you have opened toed shoes or not so I can’t help with your toes. ;)

  17. Natasa on the February 6, 2013 remarked #

    Hi, I wanted to know what nail polish I should wear with a light blue bodycon dress and nude/tan shoes?

    • beautyqueen on the February 6, 2013 remarked #

      Usually it helps me if I know what the outfit was or or what the event would be. But its a light blue dress, why not stay within the shades of blue? Not too light because it would take away from the dress.. and one that works with tan shoes.. Check out Ball and Chain by BB Couture or Junk in the Trunk. both great basic shades of blue. Not knowing your skin tone both these blues work great on anyone.. thanks for asking, how that helps.
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  18. sibini on the April 29, 2013 remarked #

    Iam trying to find out;what color I should color my nails with.
    I am wearing a champagne dress for my wedding.
    Thank u very much!!!

    • beautyqueen on the April 29, 2013 remarked #

      Hi! Thank you for more information to work with. Do you have a photo of your dress or an example of the color? First thing you really need to think of, do you want your nails to stand out in the photos? Meaning if you are wearing a color that is trendy now but in a year or so be old news, do you want that color to be what see first in your photos? Getting married is such an important date and your photos will be around for a very long time :) What might be the best way to go being its a champagne shade and its your wedding, keep it very simple. I would wear french tips with maybe a simple flower design on your ring finger. If possible try getting french tips that are close to the same shade as your dress. You can get nail art decals that are white to help show off the beauty of your new wedding ring.
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  19. Diana on the May 5, 2013 remarked #

    Hi! I’m wearing a red strapless dress and silver sparkly shoes for prom. What would be a good combination for nails and toenails? I’ve been thinking for a long time and can’t come up with anything that fits. Thanks so much!!

    • beautyqueen on the May 5, 2013 remarked #

      Wow sounds like a beautiful combo there! Have you ever thought of just going with a dark rich berry red? Or maybe a pinky red? Depending on your skin tone.. there are two that I can think of that may work.. For pinky red go with Selene Napa Valley Red.. the reason why I saw Napa Valley Red is because it has sparkle and its a rich berry red that just about anyone could wear. Work with the red of your dress.. Any red that matches your dress will work with your shoes. But not seeing your dress I am just guessing if these two colors will work or not. If you like dark polish? Go with Dark Tommy.. its a black red that rocks short nails! And would look awesome on toes too! I hope this helps!
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  20. Brooke on the May 10, 2013 remarked #

    Hi, I’m wearing a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress to prom next weekend. It’s a white-lace dress with a halter top. It’s around knee length. My date wanted to do a black-and-white thing, so he’s wearing a traditional tux and I’m wearing the white dress, silver shoes and earrings, and the corsage is going to be black white & silver. I want to do a pop of color with my nails but I’m not sure what color to go with! Please help!! Thanks (:

    • beautyqueen on the May 10, 2013 remarked #

      OH wow sounds pretty!!! OH my gosh you are going to wear a Marilyn Monroe style dress? Like the one in her famous photo over the vent with it blowing up? If that is your dress, why not red? A deep berry red.. Like Pianos Filled With Flames red.. or Napa Valley Red or a bit brighter go O’Hara red.. Quench red.. The idea is you want a red that Marilyn Monroe would wear.. ;) Hope it helps!
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      • Brooke on the May 14, 2013 remarked #

        Okay thanks! But I found out that my date was gonna add some light pink petals to the corsage because he knew I wanted a touch of color.. So should I paint my nails the color of the pink petals?

        • beautyqueen on the May 14, 2013 remarked #

          Yeah that is a good idea! That way you are working with what you are wearing. the little touch of pink on your nails would be a lovely add on. Don’t go too dark.. try to match the pink petals as closely as you can.
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          • Brooke on the May 14, 2013 remarked #

            Okay, thank you ! (:

  21. Hilda on the May 12, 2013 remarked #

    What color of nails design should I do for my nails and toe nails

    • Hilda on the May 12, 2013 remarked #

      My color dress is coral

      • beautyqueen on the May 12, 2013 remarked #

        What are you wearing the dress to? A wedding, black tie event, prom, date? That would be a great help if you could let me know that as well. What color coral? Light coral? Dark coral? With or without a design? Thanks!!
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  22. mandy on the May 22, 2013 remarked #

    I’m wearing a pink floral dress to my 8th grade graduation. I know what I’m wearing for my nails, but I always do a different color on my ring finger. I’m not sure what to do for that, any color suggestions? The dress has light blue and purple in the print. Thanks!

    • mandy on the May 22, 2013 remarked #

      oh, it also has a silver belt and I’m wearing silvery flats with it.

  23. Kristen on the May 25, 2013 remarked #

    Hi i’m wearing a white dress with a bow in the front. and it has a v neck with think straps. I’m wearing low black closed toes heels with a bow on the toe. I dont know what i should paint my nails because i dont know what would look good. my hair is long and black/dark brown that goes to my mid back and i have a medium complexion not tan or pale!

    Btw i didnt know what to put for the website so i put a link to my dress

    • beautyqueen on the May 25, 2013 remarked #

      No thanks that was great for you to do so! It always help if I knew what the dress looks like. :) So thank you for doing that!! Sometimes you would base your choice on your skin color but you are wearing white and that to me will throw off a color. So it would help with this is to know what the undertone of your skin it. Someone us are pink which means I am pale and my undertone is cool. I can’t wear yellow because I am pale. So to find that out what your undertone is really easy.. Take a sheet of white paper (do not wash your hands) go into natural lighting.. hold the paper to your skin, if you are looking tinged pink or red, your undertone is cool. Warm skin looks more yellow or golden. Once you know that… then I would go with a simple shade of red or pink.
      I don’t think you want to go pale polish because the dress is white, but if you do then go with your basic french tips. That looks great all the time. If you do what color..
      For red if you are cool tone then you would look for a blue based red like (Tuxedo Night by BB Couture or Quench by Cult Nails) Pink that looks great on just about anyone is Hot Shot by Girly Bits. I am not sure if you know what a holographic polish is. It looks amazing in sunlight! Briar Rose by BB Couture is an amazing shade of pink.. And then add a glitter to maybe one finger to just jazz it up! Let me know if this helps ok? Any red you want, cool tones, they will look blue red, warm tones they will look more the color slightly orange red.. Being your medium complexion do not wear a pale pale pink… it will need color .. so no pale pinks.. go with a color more mauve. I hope I didn’t over-load you with information.. lol
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  24. Kaixin on the May 25, 2013 remarked #

    I’m wearing a silver/white colour dress with sparkles at the bottom half of the dress with either black or silver heels but I don’t know what colour I should paint my toes and nails. My skin tone in around a tan kind of colour. Got any suggestions? Thanks

    • beautyqueen on the May 27, 2013 remarked #

      I think the answer for this dress is the same as the other one I just had for the same type/style of dress. Why not go with a simple pink or nude nails, or wear french tips with the tips being silver instead of white? Whatever you pick you do not what to take away from the dress. Your nails should always work with the dress not against it.
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  25. Scarlett on the May 26, 2013 remarked #

    I’m wearing this dress to my grad and I’m thinking of wearing either black or silver heels to match it but I don’t know what color I should paint my nails and toes. Got any suggestions?

  26. Scarlett on the May 26, 2013 remarked #

    The dress is white/silver with sparkles on the bottom half

    • beautyqueen on the May 27, 2013 remarked #

      That is a really pretty dress! Whatever color of polish you wear, you do not want to take away from the dress. I would say a simple soft pink or why not do a french tip style nails only have it so that the tips are silver glitter not white? That would look great with the dress.
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  27. Anu on the July 9, 2013 remarked #

    I’m wearing a darker green emerald outfit (it’s Indian) with a lot of silver jewels. I’m pretty tan, with almost black hair. What nail color would you suggest?

  28. Anu on the July 9, 2013 remarked #

    I can send a picture if it helps?

  29. Lee on the July 9, 2013 remarked #

    Hi! Cream color dress with red, green, purple and yellow floral pattern. Red is the most obvious color in the dress, the cream color is the background and the pattern does not cover the entire dress, so there’s quite a bit of cream. I’m wearing red shoes. Nail color advice?

    • beautyqueen on the July 12, 2013 remarked #

      If you are wearing red shoes then red polish might be over-doing it. And the one of the big problems with all those colors, its hard to pick one that work the best. Do you have a photo of the dress by some chance? If not I would go with cream on the toes, and cream nails with red tips, or be a bit different and do red nails with cream tips. I wouldn’t go with a mix of green and red nails because that is too busy for such a dress. Hope that helps!
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  30. Victoria on the November 1, 2013 remarked #

    hi,i\’m going to the marine corps ball tomorrow & was wondering what color nail polish would go with a champagne dress.

  31. Penni Draper on the November 4, 2013 remarked #

    I would love some advice on this orange bodycon dress as everything I try looks out of place. This will be our Christmas party and want to make a great impression. celebboutique.com I cant post the link but go to dresses bodycon dresses and the top orange one.

    • beautyqueen on the November 4, 2013 remarked #

      First off that is an AMAZING dress! I would really want to stand out if I was wearing it. I can see why what you wear on your nails is just important. Are you wearing open toe shoes as well? I would match my nails and my toes too. When it comes to nail polish colors I recommend working the dress, meaning go with a color that is the same as what the outfit is. But in your case, that was a little tough. I am going to recommend products I offer off my website because they are products I know and by brands I totally trust. ;)
      To be honest looking it over I would wear black nail polish.. but just any black you want holographic nail polish if at all possible.. something that glows from within.. Picture Polish has a great basic black nail polish to start with. Its not holographic but its really nice. You really need a super shiny top coat!
      The best super shiny top coat I totally recommend Glisten & Glow HK Top Coat. then I would accent the ring finger with glitter the same color as your dress. Orange glitter. Bright orange glitter… If you can’t find orange? Gold or maybe silver.. Or I would get a nail art decal with like Gold Christmas Nail Art Decals And check it out you will see I have it on one nail only. Which is what I would do in this case as well. You don’t want to over do it, but these would look awesome. Its Christmas after all!
      Or you can check out Orion’s Belt because it has glitter already in it that would be amazing under the lights of nighttime party! Again Google swatches for these colors.
      What I would not do.. go with orange nail polish.. the reason is because its just too much orange.. And you want to stand out right? And that to me is just well doesn’t stand out. That is just normal.. so no just orange..
      I know its a lot of different ideas, but when you are wearing such an amazing dress, I am just hoping that I gave you good ideas. At least a place to start. :)
      If you like any of my ideas, or need a little more help.. or got questions about colors.. please comment back.. as you can see I do answer a lot of these!
      Thanks again for stopping by..
      Oh and to really help the dress out? I would recommend Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer Set Got to rock the eyes too right? ;)
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  32. maggie on the December 29, 2013 remarked #

    I am wearing a peach colour dress with a black court and black peeptoes and a golden neck piece to a evening dance party. But I am confused about what to do with my nails.
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    • maggie on the December 29, 2013 remarked #

      andd I have light brown skin.

    • beautyqueen on the December 30, 2013 remarked #

      Is the dress a very bright peach color or a soft peach shade? The best idea I could think of is work the peach. Go with a nice shade of nude polish, working within the shades of peach. If this is a major event, then not wearing a loud color is what is called for. That is what I think anyway..

  33. Yvonne on the December 31, 2013 remarked #

    Hi! I’m wearing an orange dress to a formal birthday dinner. I’m thinking of going with dark blue jeans colour of pumps. And my bag would be black. My skin is in between fair and tanned. What colour of nail polish should I use if I want to try french manicure? and what about pedicure?

    • beautyqueen on the January 1, 2014 remarked #

      Orange, wow orange is a hard color to wear. Not know if you are wearing a dark orange or lighter shade of orange I will go with a color idea that will work with both. Unless you look great in it! Being that its a formal birthday dinner if you talk with your hands (I do) then you don’t want them flashing everyone with glitter. If you go with the french manicure, go with white tips. But no on orange glitter. That would make it stand out a bit too much. Orange on nails is just a really hard color to wear if you are fair-skin. I am and I can’t really wear orange, unless its a red orange..
      If you want your toes and nails to match? Look for a shade of orange red, that is more red than orange. The color I am talking about is like Desire by BB Couture. That way you are working with the orange of your dress and red works for just about anyone.
      Hope that helps!
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      • Yvonne on the January 2, 2014 remarked #

        Thanks for your quick reply and for answering to my dilemma. The website I posted has the same orange as my dress colour.
        I’ve seen other websites telling me I should go with light / pale nail polish if I am wearing an orange dress. I’m actually thinking of light pink. What do you think? =) Orange red is definitely a good suggestion! Thanks! =D

        • beautyqueen on the January 2, 2014 remarked #

          I checked out the dress, which a stunning shade of orange! I went through the photos that they had of others who had worn it. I noticed that many had nude nails, which I can tell where either no nail polish or light pink and one had the color of polish I would of recommend. I don’t know if your skin is her color or not but look at her nails! Look for a photo of “Cathy’s Moment” she is wearing the shade I would recommend!! I saw one who had on black nail polish which I wouldn’t recommend because that is too Halloween for me.. lol Now that I have seen the shade of orange, my answer still remains the same, orange red would be rocking color! Do let me know what color you decide on. :) I would love to hear about it! Thanks so very much for stopping by again!!
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  34. Alice on the January 2, 2014 remarked #

    What type of nail varnish do I wear with a black lace dress I have nail art pens but I don’t know what colours will look right and not make me look like I’m going to a funeral

    • beautyqueen on the January 2, 2014 remarked #

      A black nail polish would not be a color I would wear with a black dress. No black nail polish. Does the black dress have any other color in it? If it does then go with that color. Not knowing what the event is for that you are wearing the dress, go with a nice red or light pink. Or nude color. Something that works with your skintone. Hope that helps!
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  35. Emily on the January 10, 2014 remarked #

    I wear burgundy a lot and I’m wearing a burgundy dress to my aunties 40th birthday but I’m stuck on nail colour choices, what do you think I should choose?

    • beautyqueen on the January 10, 2014 remarked #

      That is a very interesting question! Dark burgundy or light burgundy? Not knowing your age that is a bit hard to try and give you a good answer but I will try. I would go with a basic black nail polish, or maybe french tips (white or black) if you like glitter, I would go with a pale glitter in burgundy. Do you by some chance have a image of the dress you are going to wear or anything that can showcase the color? That would help!
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  36. Katie on the March 8, 2014 remarked #

    Hi, I am going to my friends sweet sixteen next weekend. And I need to know what color nail polish would corospond with my dress and shoes. My dress is orange and yellow with a little bit of pink. And my shoes are silver. I have fair skin. (Caucasion)I am also a blond with blue eyes. So I was looking for advice. Thanks!

    • Kim on the March 14, 2014 remarked #

      Oh wow I am really fair as well, orange was never a good color on me.. So how much pink or yellow is in the dress? I would work the pink because being fair yellow anything washes out on me. I would go with a darker shade of whatever the pink is in the dress. Hope that helps!
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