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Image showing off young lady getting an injection done to her faceThe major decision of whether or not to have plastic surgery is one that people often toil with for a long time. People worry about whether or not these surgeries will be as successful as they hope, or whether the effects will seem obvious or fake. Even cost factor comes in to play. I had a few questions to ask myself. So, whether you asking your doctor about liposuction (smooth tummies!) or tummy tucks (I am trying to decide if I want one), or researching breast augmentation over at, it is important to consider all of the angles before deciding on any procedure right?
One of the things I have always wondered about was Botox. Here is a article that answers a few questions about some of the pros and cons of botox injections, which are relatively simple in nature but which still fall under the category of “plastic surgery.” Botox itself is just one of a few types of injections that can be done to take care of wrinkles. Its the most common injection there is due to the factor its was the one of the first to become FDA approved.
Essentially, the aim of a botox injection procedure is to get rid of wrinkles. As we age, these wrinkles go from barely there, to noticeable. In fact there are stories of young ladies starting as early as mid-30’s having botox injections done. By introducing Botox into your system, these injections go after the small muscles that cause your face to contract and cause wrinkles. The result is generally a more relaxed face (beneath the surface) that causes your wrinkles to become less noticeable by smoothing them out. So, it is plain to see that when the procedure works it can be quite beneficial. All in all, the “pros” of such a procedure are quite clear: your wrinkles should shrink and/or disappear, and you will appear, in all likelihood, younger and more attractive. The is the whole idea right? To look younger longer is always a good thing. But with all good things, botox injections don’t last (3-4 months) and there is chance of damage, slim one but its still there.

One reason that some people choose to not to have botox injections is fear of a poorly conducted procedure. Fortunately, botox itself rarely causes any sort of medical reaction in the body, as very few patients react with allergies. However, it is not altogether uncommon for doctors to “freeze” parts of your face accidentally while performing surgery. Of course, this does not imply permanent paralysis or anything of the sort; however, you may find (following a poorly done surgery) that you have trouble moving your eyelids, or lips, etc. Even with the most up to date information some doctors still make mistakes. You really need to research the doctors in your area who offer botox injections, the down time is like next to
nothing, and can be done on your lunch break.

Ultimately, mistakes like the ones listed above should not be a huge concern, as doctors are always improving, and ought to be able to work on you. So, the main argument against botox injections becomes the idea of a permanent loss of expression due to excessive use. (which is possible, that is why starting as early as mid-30’s is a mistake) First of all, even the positive effects of botox injections are not permanent… patients who wish to keep the wrinkles away have to go back to their doctors for updates fairly frequently. Every 3-4 months in fact which means the cost factor can really add up. Over time, some of these patients begin to lose some of their facial expression. In the end, it is up to each individual patient to
decide whether or not such a procedure is worth its small potential risks or not.

Its not like everyone wants to look like Joan Rivers now do we?

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  1. Hello. I am 40 y/o and I do have wrinkles around my eyes. I tried al most all creams and serum cosmetics but with no result. I feel a bit sad coz most of the people think that I am much older and I am not so confident and happy about my self any more. I was thinking about Botox injection, but I am really scared about some other side effect or damage my face more. Please , any advice it will help. Thank you.

    • HI!
      Thanks for stopping by. The best thing I can tell you is to talk to someone who specializes in skincare. Who will help you decide if Botox is right for you. From what I understand Botox is for between your eye brows but that is the most I know. Botox is for above your eyes and other types of fillers are for below your eyes. I did a review for another type of filler for your face.
      They gave me a choice and I didn’t go with Botox I tried Juvederm instead. It fills in areas that are fine lines. Can it be used around your eyes? I have no idea. There are other types of fillers out there that would be of more help than Botox. But again talk with someone who works on skin. I get facials done and they really help my face. Drinking lots of water and if you smoke, try to stop.
      What might be of more help for now would be to look for a better eye cream. One that plumps up the fine lines around your eyes. We all get wrinkles and fine lines around our eyes its just life.. I personally use a eye cream/and serum that both plump up the fine lines around my eyes. I am going to be 51 this year and I sure don’t want to look my age either! If you are interested I can recommend a few eye creams to try, or what might be a good serum for you. Thank again for stopping by..

  2. There are advantage and dis advantage on surgery cases. You can feel the adjustment on the reaction of the injection on Botox. Your wallet will get hurt at that time.

    • You do have a point there. I am not sure I would ever get Botox injections, I did like how the dermal fillers looked on my lower face. I might do that again.

  3. Yesterday, after getting off the computer, I was still thinking about your post on botox and my comment on it.
    I started thinking about how many stuff I do regardless of my body and its comfort. I shave/wax/whatever-mean-you-know-for-hair-removal even though it really irritates my skin, I use way too aggressive anti-transpirant because I sweat too much for my liking, I wear 10 centimeters high-heel boots just because I feel good in them, reglardless of my knees, feet and back and I spend a lot of my money on make up, just to enhance the parts of my face I think are worth noticing.
    So perhaps I’m not all that different from those I call deluded by our system. I just stop at the lower level of the process. Perhaps that matters, and perhaps it doesn’t. But I do understand them better now.

    Wow, I really took this post to my heart, didn’t I? Sorry for the monolouges! 🙂

    • That’s ok because we all do things to make our selves feel better. I am never happy with my hair. Yet it always seems to look really awesome on days when I just want to have a bad mood that I can blame on having a ‘bad hair day’ lol I am not sure I would ever go as far as having botox done because its one of those things that once you start doing it, you just get hooked on the way it makes you look. I’m a year away from 50.. and I use as much skincare products possible to save me from looking on my god 49!! 🙂 So yeah I totally can relate!!!

  4. I understand the lure of plastic surgery but I’m very much against it. This “stay young until you die” deal we have going on in our society is getting way too big.

    Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would mind wrinkles, because wrinkles are also a factor of expression on our faces, why would someone want to look like a plastic doll? The “serious” plastic surgery left me speechless when I saw a show on how it was actually done, the agression on the body is so strong I actually felt the pain in my boobs while watching it (it was the breast enlargemnet operation).
    I do understand that plastic surgery can help with the self confidence, and while I completely support the surgeries after accidents that disfigure one’s body or face, I cannot help but to think that any other operation is just a shortcut to self confidence. Besides, a lot of people that had operations done claim that after the operation they didn’t feel any better at all. It’s still a process of your mind and soul.