Simple Makeup tips For Teenagers

girl wearing makeupBeing a teenager is tough enough without standing by wearing too makeup or not enough. When you are a teenager it isn’t easiest thing to figure out how to look your very best without over-doing it.
It can be tough when your examples can be the most popular girl wearing false lashes and lots of eyeliner to being natural and wearing none. You may have parents that don’t want you wearing makeup at all because it makes you look too grownup.
You may not realize that your most priceless asset is your fresh, pretty natural youthfulness? Back in the 60’s it was easier to go without makeup but today it seems once you hit 12-13 girls are starting.
Simple makeup tips for teenagers.
Not sure the best ways to apply your makeup? Don’t ask your friends, visit your local department store and talk with your favorite brand makeup artist. Look around till you see a artist whose own makeup looks like what you would regularly wear and make an appointment.
Tips on makeup:
Foundation isn’t something you must wear. In fact too much foundation can cause acne especially if you are not washing your face at night. Just spot cover is better than over all coverage. No need to do one of the biggest teenager mistake, wearing foundation like a mask. Look for lighter versions, foundation these days has so many choices, mineral powder makeup as an example.
Now is the age to start creating a few skincare habits. By wearing a tinted moisturizer you are adding a little color to your face and moisturizing at the same time. Wear your sunscreen! By starting now you will keep your youthful skin longer.
Get your eyebrows done. By having someone show you what looks best on your face will help you stop making mistakes like over-plucking or applying too color. Ask questions like asking what color eyebrow pencil is best? Don’t try to create a arch in your eyebrows if you don’t have a natural one all ready.
Eye shadows
Lots of choices!! Try to stick to neutral colors while you are trying to figure what’s best for you. Stay away from over bright, glittery colors for everyday wear. Those are best for parties. Nowhere does it say you have to wear more than one color if you can not to. Just be sure you blend your colors so it’s not harsh.
There are again so many choices on types and styles. From your cat eye versions to applying it to your waterline to just trying to open up your eyes. One mistake you see is too much black pencil, applied so that it circles your whole eye. By having your eyeliner meet at your tear duct you are making your eyes look smaller. Stop your eyeliner about half way and smudge it. You are opening up your eyes not closing them up.
Types of eyeliners
Depending on your time in the morning should help you decide which type of eyeliner you wear.
Got a favorite actress eyeliner look you like? Angelina Jolie simple cat eye look is one of the most copied look. Not sure how to do it? Find a really good close up of her eyes and tape her photo to your mirror to help you recreate it.
Liquid eyeliner is one of the hardest to master and the easiest to make mistakes with. It’s also one that if you make mistakes they are seen. One way to apply it is to play connect the dots. Apply dots along your lash line then apply a line to connect them. This helps you make less mistakes. Liquid eyeliner is best when going out with your friends to a party.
You can apply a darker line of eye shadow at your lash line instead as eyeliner.
Lipstick or lip gloss? These days you can find lipsticks that are as creamy and smooth as lip gloss. Do you need lipstick? Not if you are spending all your time in school. Lip gloss with just a hint of color works better because it can be reapplied without having to worry if you stayed within your natural lip lines. Want your lip color to stay longer? Apply a nude shade of lip pencil. Never use a lip pencil darker than your lipstick. Applying lipstick with s lip brush will help it stay put longer. Always check your teeth to before walking out the door to be sure you don’t have lipstick on them. Also check after reapplying.
Mascara is your basic makeup product. Easy to use and if nothing else just wear mascara and you will look great!
Just a few simple makeup tips for teens I hope help!

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  1. I’d need this tips as a teenager. I had to learn from my mistakes and they were many. Oh well. 😀 I notice the foundation seems to be the biggest problems in my town. Girls usually wear far too much and shades far too dark for them. It’s so noticable I see it when they pass me on the bus, so you know it’s heavy. I’m also getting sick of way too thick eyeliner on their eyes. I’m a huge eyeliner fan, but come on, you have to stop at some point.

    Oh, my biggest mistake when being a teenager – creme eyeshadows without any knowledge on existance of eyeshadow base. Ouch? Ouch.