The Beauty Food Connection | Does What You Eat Help Your Beauty?

Can what you eat improve your looks? The answer is yes and here are some reasons why.
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Beauty from within generally addresses four key areas, our skin, our hair, our nails and how we feel overall. As you well know many of us are willing to spend our hard earn cash on products that contribute to helping look like we have a healthy lifestyle. Even when we do not.

Finding skincare products that give us more value for our money can be hard at times. Not only do we want a good price but we want products that do more than one thing. Example makeup primer, we want one that hides our imperfections and yet help our foundation stay put longer. Who doesn’t want Lots of value added features in everything, not just skincare?

So what are we looking for, in a beauty-food connection?
For starters hair benefits like looking better, management, growth, even volume can all be improved by what we eat.
Nails like our hair the key benefit we want is strengthening. Who hasn’t had to fight with weak, breaking nails? I know I sure have!
So what the foods we can eat that better how we look?
It has been long known that biotin can help your hair and nails. Biotin can be found naturally in eggs, peanut butter, oats and liver. ๐Ÿ™ (no you can’t make me eat liver either) If you have a biotin deficiency it can cause your hair to become dry and brittle as well as your nails.

Having dry skin I have always wondered if what I’m eating or not eating affects how my skin looks and feels overall. Did you know that you may get dry skin relief from eating foods like walnuts, flaxseed and salmon?
What they do is add hydration from within. That’s why if your skin looks dry or feels dry it could be your amount of water you are drinking isn’t enough. Let’s not forget what stress, smoking and the lack of sleep can do either. ๐Ÿ™

Fighting fine lines? Did you know that fine lines may be reduced by eating cucumbers and other high water content foods? What they do is pretty cool. What they do is get into your skin cells better than just water can. They strengthen the cell walls which in turns plumps your skin cells and that can help reduce fine wrinkles. Just from eating cucumbers!
Next time you eat a salad, remember to load up on your cucumbers! They are helping your skin from the inside out! ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s interesting to read up on whatโ€™s good for our overall look on the outside can be improved by what we eat.
So as you look at skincare products and you see all those fruits as ingredients that’s because the beauty product creators have found that they do work some on the outside as well.

You really are what you eat; don’t depend on just your skincare products to improve how you look on their own. Dry dull skin, hair and nails can all be linked back to what maybe lacking in your diet. Eat more natural, more fruits and veggs the better, you will feel better, means less trips to the doctors. And don’t forget to drink your water too!!

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  1. Of course! You are what you eat!