Men and Nail Polish, Tips on Wearing it in Public for the First Time & Other Thoughts

Here is a quote from one of many emails that I receive almost daily on the subject of men wearing nail polish. I thought I would share with you the messages we been doing back and forth because I think its an important enough subject to do so.
I do hope you will leave your comments, I would love to hear what you think as well! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

To answer your question I’m a straight 30 year old man with a girlfriend.
I’ve been wearing nail polish for about 2 & half years now.
I pretty much wear nail polish on my toes all the time, but I’m not confident enough to show my toes in public
I wear nail polish on my fingers on & off mainly at weekends due to work:-(
I’m not 100% confident wearing polish on my fingers I do try & hide it unless I feel confident in the situation
My girlfriend is supportive but I just feel to nervous. Any advice???? ~ M

Now I had to really think about this question, some guys have no problem what so ever going out in public wearing nail polish in all kinds of crazy colors. With so many colors to pick from I’m not surprised at all. BUT most of these guys are wearing nail polish on their toes, not their fingernails and that is where the problem lies. You can hide your toes in a pair of shoes, you can’t hide your fingernails. πŸ™

So what if you really really want to wear nail polish in public on your fingernails, where do you start? Well it always helps to have a partner who is supportive of the idea.
If she is open to the idea of you wearing nail polish in colors on your nails, then here is what I would do..
I would get a manicure done, a really nice one, with wax, massage the works! Then I would start with a basic nude color.. something that is barely there. No glitter (glitter on a guy just don’t seem to work for me) Once you become used to a nude color, I would start with something maybe sheer with color.. something that is a guys color.. like Widow Maker or John Smith with the idea of wearing a color that doesn’t jump out at you. Then work your nerve up to Coal Miner and really rock out your nails with Adam

( πŸ˜‰ You want really fun mattes check out ManGlaze.. his rock for guys!)

***Now in M’s case I think he needs to get used to the idea of wearing nail polish on his toes before he starts with his fingernails. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes we feel like everyone is looking at us, when really they are not. πŸ˜€ ***

In today’s world men wearing nail polish is a lot easier to get away with, than guys wearing makeup. Nail polish for men is hitting main stream and its about time!
Now below this is my answer to a question that I get asked so very often, what do I think about men wearing nail polish?
Most guys who I sell polish too, tell me about how its like for them. The good and the bad, their pain of loving something so much but having a partner that thinks if they wear it they are turning into a girl. No that is so narrow-minded!!
I got one guy who would love to wear nail polish to work for fun just once..
My thoughts about it is this, I see nothing wrong with men wearing polish either on their fingernails or toenails. I got to the shopping malls and watch guys and I am starting to notice more and more are wearing polish on their toes.

If you are going to wear nail polish guys, here are a few points for you:

But if you are going to wear polish on your fingernails or toenails there are a few things I say you got to do. If you got hairy toes, then shave them. Keep your toes clean, and get pedicures done.

Your fingernails? Keep your nails looking nice, the worse thing to see if a guy with bitten off nails, hard cuticles, dry hands. Like ladies your hands are just as noticed. CEO’s of companies get manicures done because it adds to their professional look overall. They wear clear or just get their nails buffed to a nice shine.

Wearing nail polish is just another way to show off your sense of style. The fact I sell nail polish has nothing to do with how I think or feel about the idea. I see nothing wrong with it.
I would rather see a nice looking pair of fingernails with a color on them over all that markings you can put into your skin. You can change your polish, removing a tat? Well good luck..

Whenever you want to talk about wearing polish, as you see I am here for you.
Think of me as your friend who just happens to sell nail polish.
Thanks for your question M, you made my day!
Kim Snyder
PS: I thought this way about nail polish even before I started selling nail polish for men. πŸ˜‰
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The best Brands for men that are totally awesome are BB Couture for men and here’s a shout out to another awesome brand ManGlaze..

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  1. hi Kim

    i am sad to report that the indies, marketing polishes to men, i thought i would be helping, seems to have gone into hiding…:(

    i am still doing my toes and will soldier on…if i could talk to any men still on the fence…do it…it’s fun and looks great. some may laff…never heard any in 2 years…and i don’t really care…

    Kim i want to mix up some of my own ideas,any idea where i could get bottles,and some know how

    look forward to hearing from you…

    as an aside i have layered a bright lime green, under Gunmetal…looks so cool. i was sure if the green would come through but it does…i was soooo happy…


    • I don’t know what has happen Robert, I really do not. I am guessing the know how to market polish to men is tougher than you would think. πŸ™ No one really wants to put themselves out there as a polish for men I guess. πŸ™

  2. hi Kim

    it has been a little bit so i thought i would drop a new post. I am wearing my polish on fingers and toes. Not sure if i mentioned it, but my wife and i made a compromise where i would wear nudes and clear on my fingers and i can do other colors on my toes. this has been working, so if any guy is reading this, don’t stay in the polish closet, get your polishes out and talk to your partner. Dialog goes a long way, try communication and you just might be surprised.

    oh one other thing Kim, my wife bought me a manicure set for Christmas…cool.


    • Hi Robert!! Big waves!!
      Glad to hear things are going better for you!! The fact that your wife got you a manicure set for Christmas shows that she understanding your needs, and at least wants your nails to look great too! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. hi Kim

    i was just doing my nails and i am for some odd reason having an awful time.
    i know i could not wear any polish at all but they would feel weird now,without any.
    Do you have any tips what to do in this situation??

    Also because i wear darker colors on my toes i have noticed they look somewhat yellowed. Aside from letting them grow out…and not wearing polish, anything i could do?

    Seems kinda of a mute point as i cannot think of a day i won’t be wearing polish…lol

    Hope this finds you well in the holiday season…have a Happy Christmas


    • It sounds like maybe one of your polishes could be staining your nails. Wearing a base coat, a good base coat usually stops this from happening. There is nothing wronng with feeling ‘naked’ without polish on. We all feel that way!!!

  4. hi Kim

    just thought i would write a quick post to let you know i have not fallen off the planet.

    Things have been good on the polish work at my house.My wife asked me to tone down my fingernails but i can do whatever with my toes, so it’s all good.

    I have given the lady at Black Sheep more than a few idea that she will be expanding in the New Year…so excited,

    I though i had posted last night, but i fear it went amiss.


    • HI Robert!
      Glad to hear things are doing well for you! I didn’t see any other comment just this one. I am totally looking forward to seeing what Black Sheep comes up with!!

  5. hi kim

    i am still loving the world of polish and i now cannot imagine not having any polish on…toes or fingers it would not feel right…lol.

    I do have yet another question for you, since it is getting colder i am having more issues with my cuticles getting very dry. I am sure this has happened before but back then i did not care…do you have any Sally Hansen product that i could use to help this problem?

    I also have had a few of my younger female colleques at my work noticing my nails especially with the clear holo on.I had one say “why do you do your nails?” and I said “cause i like it, why do you do yours?”
    She stops and says…”Cool”

    It has been a great adventure so far, and i love it. The owner of Black Sheep Laquer will be working on the line soon and i can’t wait to see it.

    Hope this finds your well


    • Black Sheep Lacquer is really an amazing brand! She is bunny approved! I love love your answer! That way they can’t start a fight or make fun of you when you throw it back on them like that. Awesome come back! Sally Hansen huh? I really am not sure about Sally Hansen for cuticle care, do you work with papers all day at work? That will steal moisturize out of your hands really fast!
      Look for a cuticle oil or cream that has shea butter in it. In fact ask Black Sheep Lacquer if she has one! That is something a lot of indie brands carry as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. i have a few of there polishes and i am helping the owner to help develope a line for men. i am excited, the colours i have now are Laterealus it makes any polish a holo, it is very good for a guy that wants to wear polishes but is not ready to be too bold,as it can be worn alone and looks gooood. I also have Hitman, which is a black holo and it is lovely. The last one is Black Sheep, this is a blue black, in one light black, another blue…lots of fun.

    Hope this finds you well


  7. hi kim

    things are going pretty goos with the polish world, i have found that i can wear some colors onmy fingers. i had one from Sally Hansen called Gunmetal, it’s a silver grey with a hint of blue, around town out of town and my wife at the end of the day did you have that on all day? I said ya, she said you will have to take it off before you go to work, I said ya…and that was about it.

    I also found another indie polish maker called Black Sheep Laquer, you should google it and take a look cool stuff.

    Not much to report just thought i would drop in and say hey…


    • You will love Black Sheep Lacquer!! I have already tried their polishes!! They are Leaping Bunny Approved!!
      Thanks so very much for stopping by as always! I love hearing from you!!

  8. hi kim

    just a note to see if you can post it.


  9. hi kim

    made a few post and they aren’t not showing up.


    • The reason is because I have to approve them. I get a lot of spam and the only way to stop that for sure, is to approve the messages. I tend to approve yours as soon as I see them. I totally enjoy seeing everything that is going on. Your wife has come a long way!! That is so awesome!!

  10. hi kim

    well things could not be going better, i have been painting my toes with more bold colors. A great blue that called me across a local store that i just had to have. Grabbed a buffer and the polish, talked with a friend of mine, had a silver grey on my toes, she looked went cool, and i went and bought the polish. i know you do this all the time, but for me it was so liberating. Then a day or 2 later my wife and i were out shopping and I grab a polish, that i was like that is soooo gonna rock on my toes and i put it in our cart and she did not say anything~~!!It is a holo dark blue that i am wearing now and it ROCKS!!

    So it seems to be becoming more accepted that i am not going to stop and i get alot out out of it, and she grudgingly said after i asked her if the colour i had on my toes looked good and she said…yeah.

    if i see a polish i grab it and am getting a small collection that my wife pinches stuff from now and again. Also she has started doing her fingernails more and more, i like to think i had something to do with that πŸ™‚

    i am getting more into color and i might even get some cute sandals next summer because most mens sandals look crappy.

    Thanks again for your support

    Will send more updates


  11. hi kim

    had a great time with my wife, she let me file down her nails to a great shape and she had complained earlier that her polish had cracked and chipped and i ask her if she smoothed and buffed she said no, so she let me do it too. i was soooo happy, i can’t even say.

    Also i have done my nails in a cobalt blue and she said”really” and i said I like it and that was that. All this is on my toenails but that is cool with me, entering into winter here i will be using more colors,getting us both used to it so next spring i can get some cuter sandals cause most mens sandles are hideous…who knows?? a great day.

    All in all things are great and it’s my bday today as well, so now i am a 52 yr old man who loves polishes.

    oh one more thing that matte finish is becoming a thing of the past!! i am becoming a fan of the shiny high gloss finish!!!!!!!!!

    Wait one more thing, my Lady didn’t have any nail strengtheners or things like that…now she’s pinching mine out of my polish bag!!

    Always another question…when do you stop using a bottle of polish? is it when you have a hard time getting anything on the brush?


    • Usually when it comes to a bottle of polish, I can only think of a few that I have finished up. When a polish gets towards the end of the bottle it can get a bit thick. If that happens then do not add nail polish remover, you need a polish thinner. There is a difference.
      I use base coat all the time which helps strengthen my nails. I also give my nails a break and do not paint them all the time. I use a base coat all the time as a top coat when I do not paint my nails. I have found that helps them.