Glitter Gal Plus New York Times WOO HOO!

This is so as awesome for them!! I just got this in my email! From Anna over at Glitter Gal..
Glitter Gal Holographic Nail Polish (click on the image to make it bigger)
“It’s pretty exciting. A few months ago we were contacted by the New York Times after they heard so much about our nail polishes, particularly our holographic collection. They just loved “Bruised Ego” and used it in their article with some of the world’s most beautiful clothes. We feel so honored as we are the only nail polish brand those chose to use. The article is called “Spring Trends | Iridescence” (which I’ve attached).”

Below is the link – we are on image 5. (that is the photo above) Also watch the Video Clip to see the amazing fashion with the models wearing out polish.

As you know I am very proud to say is one of the lucky ones to offer Glitter Gal holographic nail polishes. But I do not at this time have Bruised Ego in stock.. but it will be soon!! Thanks Anna and Kerry for making the best holographic nail polishes ever!!

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  1. Very hot nail polishes! It’s so very trendy. I love those glitter effects!