Zoya Smoke & Mirrors Collection | Review

While I was working with these colors I have found that its come down the fact I just need to learn how to get along with cremes. πŸ™ You don’t want to know how many times I removed and redid them cause I could see brush strokes..
Zoya has awesome colors but as I go through the Smoke and Mirrors you will see what I am good at working with, and what I am not.
There will be music playing as this review goes on, you may not be hearing it but I am. As a lover of music I am never without something playing.. All can be found iTunes
So each swatch will have a song going with it, it will be a song that was playing in my ears as I was swatching or cropping..
And you are going to find I got really crazy taste in music.. lol
Starting off with Smoke:

Anja Swatch
Just a pretty purple, two coats.. music playing while applying ~ Flowers by Morcheeba > awesome tune for sure!
Now I love greens, just about anyone of them.. but this one πŸ™ I couldn’t shake up the bottle well enough to remix the color.. so in the sunlight you can see how the green isn’t mixed.
Dree by Zoya from their Smoke Collection
I can’t decide if its a olive green, yellow green, green something.. like I said I couldn’t mix it up so it just πŸ™
I couldn’t it want to play.. song playing fits it ~ Why do Angels have to die? by Blutengel (they are on Facebook!)
This one is a super dark green.. what more can be said?
Codie Swatch for Zoya Smoke Collection
I would call it a dark olive green I think. Its a creme, and when in the sunlight it looks amazing, inside not so hot.. Playing while cropping ~ At the edge of the world by Winter in Eden
Cynthia swatch for Zoya Smoke Collection
Now this one is the darkest of the Smoke Collection.. yet pretty I think.. I see really dark rich blue.. music playing ~ Made of Stone by Evanescence
Jana swatch for Zoya Smoke Collection
I found this one to be a taupe, with a bit a purple to it.. Creme πŸ™ song playing while trying to decide on image ~ Burn my Pain by Stream of Passion
Petra by Zoya Smoke collection swatch
To me this one is a darker version of Jana only just more purple.. creme πŸ™ I had a heck of a time with it too.. music playing while I tried not to throw the bottle ~ Capsized (Cryo Remix) Edge of Dawn
Ok there is the last of the Smoke Collection.. Did you have any favorites? How about something off the wall?
swatching fun with flecks!
Can you guess which one has the pink, the green and the blue on? lol and they are over Anja.. πŸ™‚
Now onto Mirrors which I think was better for me at least.. shimmer, sparkles.. yum yum
This one has got to be my all most favorite of the Mirrors
Yara by Zoya swatch from Mirrors
Nothing like having a shimmer that you see in the bottle show up on your nails.. I love it!! I wore it for a few days cause I thought it was so cool.. Song playing now ~ Halloween Song by Saints of Ruin
The one thing I found with all the Mirrors was if there was a shimmer in the bottle it shows up on your nails..
Jem swatch for Zoya Mirrors Collection
Look at the gold shimmer in the bottle!! For a purple it wears well and just plain yum yum!! Song while cropping ~ On These Wings by The Trophy
swatch Marina Zoya
Look at that shimmer in that blue! I wore it for a few days too.. Song playing while trying to decide which image If I was Your Vampire by Marilyn Manson
Swatch Nimue for Zoya Mirrors Collection
As the blue was in Marina you can see how this purple just shimmers in the light!! There are two purples in Mirrors and Nimue is the lighter one of the set. Song playing while cropping ~ Lost by Within Temptation
The darker of the two purples
Neeka by Zoya swatch for Mirrors
Just another pretty purple for sure. Just a bit more blue than Marina I think. Song playing while trying to take photos ~ Let Down by Imperia Thank God for iPods! I love animals just not ones that make noise all day long cause they can.. πŸ™ sorry
Now the last one is a silver.. I have a hard time finding a silver I can wear.. But this one surprised me for sure!!
Tao Zoya swatch pale skin
Being so pale I have a hard time finding a silver that looks good that I would be willing to wear beyond swatching, this is one! πŸ˜€
Song playing while taking photos ~ Back in the moment by Angelzoom

I think each color has it good points and bad.. mostly I think its because I can’t see that well up close, if it won’t just go on without brush strokes gets me cranky.. lol
Which was your favorite? Is it just me or do others have issues with cremes?

These colors another amazing shades of nail polish can be found at http://Zoya.com

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  1. Yara is amazing! But I am a green polish lover too.. I did swatches of Jem and didn’t think I had any so I did swatches again.. I love it!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My girlfriend is using this. They looks great

  3. I didn’t even know that Zoya had mattes! So no I haven’t yet. I saw you post, I really love their polish remover as well. I like anything that doesn’t have a heavy scent and not hard on my nails. I am going to be doing a review soon for a nail helper so do check back.. and thanks for stopping by!!

  4. I really like Dree and Codie. I could see myself wearing either of those colors. The application of the cremes looked good. I didn’t see any brush marks.

    • Wow thanks!! πŸ™‚ I tried to pick the best ones I have in photos to show off these colors right. And I think Codie and Dree are both great guy colors because they are so dark. Thanks for stopping by, you know I always love hearing from you!! πŸ™‚