LadyBug Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder Review

I know like many of you out there, there has got to be a ton of different shapes of bottles that hold nail polish. WOO HOO POLISH!!. If you love indie brands or brands that are not own by OPI, Or ESSIE or anyone like that, you are going to run into lots of different types and styles of bottles. Some bottles are worth having the bottle more so than the polish. πŸ˜‰ anywhoo..
Examples of some of the bottle sizes of polish that are out there
See what I mean? From tiny ones like I got from GirlyBits (more about those later) to big squares by Glitter Gal to the really odd one by ciate..
What is the LadyBug Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder? Its a really simple idea, it holds your polish so that when you are busy applying it you don’t have to worry about spilling it all over. I have dropped many a bottle, believe me! πŸ˜€
top view of the Lady Bug
Its a round item with foam inside it. The foam is what holds your polish.. Which is nice because it can get bigger if need be.
bottom view of the Lady Bug
The black circles you see in the image? That is what holds the LadyBug in place so you don’t spill your polish. But I did find that it rocks if the polish is too light.
What they say about it:

Product Features

  1. Eliminate annoying and destructive nail polish spills
  2. The LadyBug can be tipped at an angle (and stay there) when polish runs low
  3. Versatile design holds nail polish bottles of any size and shape
  4. Made with high-strength, durable plastic that is designed to withstand a fall
  5. The base is made of the same slip-resistant plastic used for handheld electronics

So what did I do? I tested it out on the different sizes of bottles that I had to see which ones will not fit.. That is right, won’t fit! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
I found that the 15ML size by Glitter Gal do not fit, nor does that odd one by ciate.. I got three different sizes of just square bottles of polish..
square bottle examples of polish
I forgot to name the bottles in the image, from left to right “Jade” by Picture Polish, “Technology & Romance” by Victoriana , Dermelect Launch Nail Strengthener.
Victoriana bottle works inside the lady bug
Out of the three square bottles the one that was the most problem pushing it in was the Dermelect.. Due to the fact its a fatter square bottle.
Now I did find that the style of Zoya bottles because the have that nice curve base, they slide right it nicely! As did the Ozotic one I tested with and even the little bottle of Glitter Gal.
Most shapes were not a problem..
Dollish Polish rocks! The bigger round ones I have fit right inside great!
BUT if you own a few tiny ones.. (GirlyBits rock!) then you are going to run into a problem. I did.. They are too light for the LadyBug to sit on its side so that you can use it that way. missing one GirlyBit polish.. lol
So what I did to see if there was a way to use the LadyBug with the tiny bottles. It took me some time playing around with it, but I did! What you do is you put the foam as you see in the photo below:
helping sound how to use the Lady Bug with the tiny bottles of polish
And you put the bottles in about half way. That way it helps the LadyBug sit on its side so you can use it without spilling your polish or dropping the bottle.
Now this item you see in the next image I got off eBay for about $1.00 I think.. And its just your basic nail polish holder.. its a pain the butt to use, the bottles get stuck in it, and its just well..
$1.00 off eBay
As one of my doctors once said about a arm brace “One size fits no one” And that pretty much tells you what I think of this one.. πŸ™
one size fits nothing
Now I bought my LadyBug off Amazon and they are sold on eBay as well. They are $7.95 plus shipping.. Here is the link to get yours off Amazon if you like LadyBug Spill Proof Holder
BUT and I say BUT I have been chatting with the creators of the LadyBug and they and I think it might be a great little product to add to
Its not like I don’t sell nail polish.. lol What you think? Would it be a great add on to the growing number of cool things I offer?? Leave your thoughts in comments please.. I would love to know!

** I bought the Lady Bug Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder off Amazon. The opinion and images are mine. πŸ™‚ **

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  1. I’ve been considering ordering a ladybug for a few months now, but I’ve been lazy about it. I’m really glad you tested this with indie polishes. I don’t have too many teeny-tiny bottles, though so I think I’m going to have to get this!

  2. Kari Walbert :

    Ha! I can only imagine!!! Yeah- the pink one does not look very versatile! And I like the idea of the lady bug cause it does fit some different size bottles (BTW-I know what you mean about OPI- it just seems so boring after getting all the cool indie brands, doesn’t it?!). Plus I have a bad habit of not painting my nails at a table so the spill proof aspect really intrigues me.

    • That is why I tested it out with GirlyBits tiny bottle.. I had to know.. WHY? Cause the first time I tried to paint my nails I dropped the bottle! That and the Meghan Millers.. They have a strange handle..

  3. Kari Walbert :

    I have been considering ordering this- but my biggest concern was the different shaped pbottles fitting? Now I know- thanks for the review! Maybe I’ll just wait til OverAll carries them! πŸ˜‰

    • I tested all kinds of bottles as you can see!! Funny thing is I didn’t test it with any OPI style bottles cause I humm don’t have any?? Yeah that would be right.. I got only cool brands I guess… I was really curious about the tiny ones.. And I found how to make it work.. Did you see the pink thing? You do not want to know what the guys in my world said it looked like when you put a bottle in it.. wow