Nail Art Decals, Ideas for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Everyday!

Let’s celebrate the holidays in style starting with Thanksgiving! Its easy to get holiday themed nails to go with the season! Add festive holiday flair to your nails with some cool nail art. Its just lots of fun. If you are the artsy type, you can paint some thanksgiving patterns on to your nails; or if you don’t want to work too hard, there are hundreds of nail decals available for every theme, including the Turkey Day.
Being there are two major holidays coming up, Thanksgiving and Christmas, here are some ideas that you can check out and try for yourself. Its not hard to use nail art decals, sometimes the hardest idea is coming up with what to do after you buy them! πŸ™‚ So to help you along I came up with a few ideas myself of what you can do with nail art decals for the up coming holidays.
Starting off our Holiday Nail Art design ideas – Thanksgiving!
Turkey nail art design ideas
Or How about this one?
Using Pumpkins and fall leaves to create a cool nail art design
Or this one?
another idea for pumpkins and fall leaves for a nail art design
Then I really had some fun!
Using just turkeys and pumpkins nail art decals
Its not the hard to come up with cute ideas for your nail art using nail art decals. Thanksgiving is kinda hard because there isn’t that many nail art decals out there that are really cool.
Now this last one is what it would look like if the nail art design was facing away from you. What you think should a design be facing you or away from you?
using the words Happy Thanksgiving with fall leaves nail art decals
The nail art decals I have show two different little Indians from 1800’s and so I created a super simple design with them.
little Indians nail art decals idea
I thought it would be cute with them facing each other. I used red striping nail art tape between them. Really easy, simple great for kids idea.
How about a few Christmas nail art designs?
penguin nail art decal design idea
Is he not the cutest penguinever? The little white spots are from another set. I needed something that looks like snowballs at his feet and I think it works!
You would be surprised what 5 different nail art decals sheets for Christmas can give you when you are creating fun holiday nail art! πŸ˜€
three fun ideas for Christmas nail art
Pretty cool huh?
Christmas Angel Nail Art Design idea
This one is on holographic gold nail polish to really help bring out her bling!
White and blue snowflakes nail art design idea
Winter isn’t winter in most parts of the world without a little snow. Here is one that is using blue snowflakes and white snowflakes. A great way to dress up your ring finger while wearing red nail polish. πŸ˜‰
Can’t forget Santa right?
Santa design idea using nail art decals
Using nail art decals is a great way to dress up your holiday nails. Or everyday! You can come up with endless ideas using nail art decals.. I know I came up with a lot on a night I couldn’t sleep.. My favorite ones?
Using flowers, butterflies and ladybugs to really bring out your artist in you!
It looks like it was hard to do but it really wasn’t. I used nail art decals from three different ones to create this. The flowers are one sticker! That is why it looks like a lot of work! πŸ˜‰
simple flower with butterfly nail art design idea
The nail art decals I used are by Jody Nail Art and can be found here: Nail Art DecalsThe best part of doing this, Nail art decals are an affordable way to dress up your nails without having to have someone do it for you.
Sometimes it just takes looking at the stickers, and the color polish you are wearing to really decide. You don’t have to wear them on all your fingers, just your ring finger like you would if you went to have a manicure done. Here is a article I did on how to apply nail art decals in case you need a little help getting started. πŸ˜‰
As always have fun! What you think of the nail art decal designs I came up with?

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  1. Wow, awesome!! I love the turkey and the santa with the gold background. Cute!!!