Cyber Monday Deals at Overall Beauty!

Cyber Monday is here! And with it special deals. And wow do I got a few! Deals are good for stock on hand only. And today only. Please Note:I am having lots of buy X number get X number free. The limit for the number of free polishes you can have pre order, is 5. Sets or collections do not count. you can’t buy get a collection and want 2 of them free and get a refund. These deals are for single polishes only. If you do not see it, that means I do not have any stock of that color.

Cyber Monday Deals
Starting with BB Couture!! If you have not tried BB Couture now is a great time to do so. With as many colors they have I’m sure you will find a few must haves! With glitter being the in tend right now you need awesome colors to wear as their base. BB Couture is great for it!
BB Couture is buy 3 get 1 free limit 2 free. Working on adding their brand new Ladies Formal collection. All mattes, add top coat and wow .
Buy the full set and get a free top coat!!

We have across the board 15% off all orders over $35.00. Use coupon code FRIDAY to take 15% off your order. With free shipping over $45.00 us only talk about a money saving!!
Nail Polish Grab Bags!! With as many brands that I offer I thought it be fun to start offering them. When ordering just tell me what brand or brands you do not want. There is nothing wrong with the bottles either. No labels missing etc.
All deals listed below are based on stock I have in hand.
Add to comments your free choices
****All Deals are on Till Midnight PT time or till I run out of stock on hand****
Wonder Beauty buy one get one free Limit 2 free
Girly Bits buy 2 get 1 free Limit 1 free
liLacquer on sale 7.00 each all day long
BB Couture till midnight
Nail wheels buy one get one free Limit 3 free
Nail art tape buy one get one free limit 5 free
Nail art decals buy one get one free ( not including sets) Limit 5 free
All sales today get their name put into a hat to be draw at the end of day.. we are giving away two $20.00 gift Certs. For being awesome. 🙂
Happy Shopping everyone!!
All deals and sale prices end tonight 11/26/2012 at midnight or sooner depending on stock.

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