Throat & Eye Cream with “Phytostimuline” Plant Extracts by Reviva Labs Review

I haven’t done a review for a while for products by Reviva Labs. One thing is I have been super busy like everyone else has. It is the holiday season! So if you are super busy like me then having a skincare product that does more than one thing would be awesome right? That is the kind of skincare product I have for you today.
Throat and eye cream jar
It’s called Throat & Eye Cream with “Phytostimuline” Plant Extracts. What that means is it is a blend of plant extracts that stimulate and helps nourish the skin under your eyes and throat area. Now as we age there are really three areas that show our age, under our eyes, throat and hands. So no matter how much work you get done, fillers etc to your face, if you don’t take care to how your throat looks it’s a dead giveaway of your true age! Which is why sunscreen on your throat is as important as your face is.
The benefits of using Throat & Eye Cream from Reviva Labs website are:


  • Reviva’s Throat & Eye Cream nourishes better.
  • Brightens dull texture.
  • Adds the unusual benefit of helping firm the skin.
  • A wonderful nighttime treatment for the appearance of lines under eyes.
  • Massage movements are important; this applies to every age and skin type, men and women. Use before signs of aging appear, no mater what your age.
  • Paraben free; no animal testing; no animal ingredients; made in USA.

The eye area and your throat alone do not have a lot of their own natural oils, and can always benefit from the rich oils in this product. I was told years ago to apply cream to my neck with upward strokes. The reasoning behind it was to go against nature pulling my throat skin down. So I have always done that way. I have been told also that it doesn’t matter which way you apply your cream to your throat. So I guess it depends on you..
Eye and throat cream inside look at it
Throat & Eye Cream is a really rich skincare cream that reminds me of the creamy style butter you got in a tub. You don’t need that much either. In fact the image you see above? That is after I have been using it twice a day for over a month!! 😀 You take a little and what I do is apply to my throat in upward strokes, take my fingers and apply to under my eyes and then rub it into my cuticles at night. No use wasting it right? This way I get the throat area, under my eyes and my nails all with one product! 😀 Great cream for cuticles!
Cost of Throat & Eye Cream is about $13.00. Talk about affordable!
Check out Reviva Labs for all your natural skincare products. They have amazing products for all your skincare needs!

***This product in this review was provided by Reviva Labs for the purpose of maybe doing a review. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly that of the reviewer. All reviews provided here are the work of the reviewer and remain completely unbiased. ***

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