Darling Diva Blonde Torando Review (photo spam) :)

Blonde Tornado Nail Polish (Linear Holographic/duochrome) by Darling Diva for fun I decided to play around with it today.
Yes I bought it for its name (I’m blond) but also cause its a holographic and I haven’t gotten any new ones lately.

What she says about it:
Named after my infamous niece Zoey, Blonde Tornado is a pinky copper light duochrome linear holo. Some people have described this as a tightly packed scattered holo but I see both sides of the holo flame so to me its linear:) As you can see under flash.
This is different than your other holos because I use five different grades of holographic medium. This is also why it costs a bit more. For me, I enjoy this color shift much better. Its the best of both worlds.

sunlight blonde tornado 2

sunlight blonde tornado
Now images of it indoors under my kitchen light which seems to help bring out the holo in it really nicely
indoors Blonde Tornado 2

indoors Blonde Tornado 3

indoors Blonde Tornado
Here is a close up of what it looks like.
close up Blonde Tornado
I wanted to see how it might look on its own and over other colors. She has on her site over black.. well gee what fun is that?
These are the colors I picked out for it. As the base coat I think the one that I had one when I applied it on its own caused it to drag a lot which happens with holographic polishes. I had three coats on in the earlier photos.
Information about the following photos.
One coat base by Cult Nails Get it On, each color but for Framboise is two coats.
Pinky finger Nail Inc in Black Taxi
ring finger Megan Miller Collection in Framboise (red)
Pointer finger in Orly Matte Black Vinyl
Index Finger Tess D’Urbervilles by a-england
Didn’t bother with a top coat.
Then I decide will lets have some fun with it.. so here it is over 4 different colors indoors.
Indoors its shows off well don’t you think? I really like it over the red more than the black like base coats.
4 colors indoors 2

4 colors indoors
Outdoors in afternoon sunlight.
3 fingers sunlight
4 colors outdoors sunlight 2

4 colors outdoors sunlight
Again I think it looks best over the red than the other ones.
Ending thoughts? It looks great over other colors. It wears well on its own if you remember that it will dry really fast and drag if you are not careful. The best thing to do is more than two coats if you got spots that are not as filled in as the rest. This is my first time with a Darling Diva. I see others that might find their way to me.
Check out the rest of Darling Diva here at her etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop//DarlingDivaPolish
Do you have a favorite Darling Diva? What base coat would you use so not to have so much drag?
** Product by me for fun**

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  1. I dig this one! Love holo’s hate the drag. Not sure on what base to help you out though. I agree, it looks amazing over the red. I am going to check out their shop. Thanks for another awesome tip/review!