Old Makeup Makes You Look Old? And other Sunday thoughts

This post all started because I was having a bad day. 😛
I was having a very stressful day started off because I was looking for rubber band to get my hair off my face and out of my eyes. Well I kept knocking stuff into my bathroom sink while I was digging around in this bin thing I have. Which of course added to my stress level. 🙁
Ever heard to clean out your closet, best thing to do is take a item, if you haven’t wore it in 6 months get rid of it? Well I used the same with what I had in bathroom around my sink. I do a lot of product reviews so I always got a lot of samples, half filled jars etc. most of which are just taking up space.
Overall Beauty Minerals
With makeup and skincare it really depends on what it is, but a good rule of thumb would be if you stick your fingers in it (skincare, pressed eye shadows, stuff like that) if it’s almost gone and you had it for about 3 months get rid of it.
So I started dumping jars of skincare samples that were almost gone. I started thinking if I can’t remember the last time I used it, that means I have no idea how old it may be.
I’m really bad with mascaras I had like 4 I had been using. So I open each one to be sure, too dried out means really old, funny smell? That has got to go! They say with mascara that you should throw it out every three months.
I decided to clean out my little bin so I could find my rubber bands when I found a very old product; cream blush by Estée Lauder in Honey Shimmer. Wow now that’s old!! I loved that blush, but when I applied a little the blush the color wrong for me. (I have lighten up my blond hair)
What’s funny is I had read somewhere earlier in the day a statement old makeup makes you look old. That got me thinking when was the last time I had done an update on my makeup?
Well? When have you? 😉
It’s the New Year, why not take the time to update your makeup?
For example I am 50 and I have pretty much stopped wearing black eyeliner. At my age black eyeliner makes my eyes look older and out-dated. I pretty much use a soft brown for everyday and navy cake eyeliner for parties.
So I threw away all my black eyeliners. 😐
Mascara? 🙂 I threw away ones that I couldn’t remember the last time I used it. Now I totally disagree with the idea that because I’m blond I should wear brown mascara. But due to my age black mascara can be very aging. I started using mascara that is wet and just colors my lashes and nothing more. If I want fat lashes, I use Magic Lash, but for every day wear..a simple mascara will do. So I threw away a few fancy mascaras that did nothing but piss me off when I tried to apply them. I have found I really dislike fat mascara brushes.
I threw away the cream blush by Estee Lauder because I had no idea of it’s age and starting thinking about blush overall. My age its recommended using Cream blush, I think it depends on the brush and how it’s applied.
Think about your makeup drawer, when was the last time you when through it?

Here is a few tips I thought about that might help you decided when to update your makeup
1- Can’t remember last time you used it? Throw it away.
2- If it smells funny, or the color isn’t the same or it looks off.
3- Trendy colors. Nothing wrong with changing up what you wear but if neon colors were the it thing but this year it’s pastel pink, neon won’t work. Trendy colors are fun but throw away last year colors to make room for this year’s trend.
4- Changed your hair color. If you changed your hair for example from mousey brown to flaming red your whole looks changes. So you need makeup that brings out your eyes.
5- Lost weight. The changes in your face due to lost weight changes how you look. Example when I was over-weight my face was a bit cuddly and you couldn’t see I have high cheekbones. I lost weight and now you see my cheekbones.

It’s the New Year, time for a little change.
Sunday thought of the day, as we grow older the changes to our face reflects how we take care of ourselves as a whole. Isn’t it time to update your makeup?

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  1. Wow I really need to do this with my makeup. Time to read the expiration dates on all my product! Thanks for the great tips and ideas!

    ~ Marisa ~