Neuma All Natural Hair Care Product Review and Giveaway!

As you may know by now I love all natural skincare and haircare products. Ok I mean LOVE all natural products. πŸ˜€ This week I got to test out Neuma haircare products and its been a blast! All this company takes being eco-friendly to a whole new level and give you a amazing haircare line to go along with it. Sulfate-Free, no animal testing woot! πŸ˜€ Vegan! They have a whole line of all kinds of hair care products, from styling to shampoos and conditioners.
Now who are they?
Neuma shampoo
– Neuma Brand:
Neuma takes a unique approach to haircare, as the first completely transparent brand, listing all of the ingredients in its products (available for download on its site). This allows the educated consumer to make an informed decision regarding what kinds of chemicals, oils, and extracts they expose their skin to, as opposed to other brands who often operate under a veil of secrecy and gimmicky marketing.

Available only in a small selection of salons, Neuma’s products are 100% vegan, never tested on animals, and produced in a 100% certified wind power lab. Take a fresh look at your haircare.

They have zero:
synthetic fragrance
aluminum compounds
glycols* > this is found in their hair sprays
formaldehyde donors

Talk about having nothing nasty in your haircare products! They have shampoos and conditioners for just about every type of hair. AND even cooler?? Got a hair type and texture but you want it to behave? They have a PDF you can download that has what they call Hair Cocktails. Which means you can take a few of their products and create another product that is just what you are looking for! Visit here: Styling Cocktails

As someone with fine hair, I want VOLUME! Ok did I say that loud enough? πŸ˜€ So for me I am trying their styling products to get just that. For starters their conditioner? Doesn’t weigh my hair done.

So far I have tested two different types of shampoo and conditioners. I LOVE their neuMoisture shampoo! Now as with all haircare products that are sulfate free you got to get used to using them. They do not foam like you maybe used too. And you need less shampoo to clean your hair, and less conditioner too. I have long hair and use about a quarter size amount. It rinses right out as well. So there is no need for lots of time doing it.
Oh yea we got a giveaway too!! Click on the image that will take you to Facebook. Like my Fan page (if you do already, awesome! Just sign up like you have before) This is one of the best giveaways I have got to do for natural haircare products.
– Neuma Haircare Giveaway:
This giveaway consists of a gift set of Neuma eco-luxe shampoo and conditioner. Total value: $40.00

Enter this week’s giveaway for a chance to win a luxurious haircare set from Neuma Beauty.
*The contest will began on Thursday February 14th through February 24th 2013
Do stop by their website and check out all that they have to offer. Not because they send me hair care products for review, and doing a giveaway but because if you really want to take care of your hair? Spend the money to get better products. For Real.. Sulfate-Free is so much better for your hair. And as in most salon brands you need less to do more. πŸ˜‰ Visit

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