Ruby White Tips Man Eater plus CrowToes Heartless.. who knew?

Ok sometimes my sense of humor gets away from me.. This all started because I need a red as a base coat for CrowsToes brand new color Heartless. So being I got like a ton of polishes I went looking for just the right red. Don’t you think its funny? Heartless over Man Eater.. LOL Oh come on smile!! Well Done
Welcome Ruby White Tips color Man Eater..Ruby White Tips Man Eater
This on is in full sunlight.. I found it to be a bit orange red in sunlight..
Even at a different view still a beauty of a red πŸ˜€
Ruby White Tips Man Eater sunlight
Well well how about in the shade? Are we not the most prefect red? I am not wearing a top coat because I am going to be applying a color over it. The shine is natural.
Ruby White Tips Man Eater in the shade
Since we don’t always hang outside in the sunlight.. how about another view? Only this time inside.. under my kitchen lights.. πŸ˜‰
Ruby White Tips Man Eater indoors
Well well I wandered outside again.. see beauty in a red.. I had no problems with application either.. smooth as jelly.. oh wait its a jelly base huh?
Ruby White Tips Man Eater outside
Now here is where my sick sense of humor comes in.. You see I needed the red base coat for a CrowsToes Color called Heartless.. part of the brand new ValenCrows Set..
Now available at
Now see that color Heartless? Well that is what I need the best red base I could find that I had..
Welcome to the floor.. Heartless!
Heartless over Man Eater
That is in the sunlight.. see how the reds play so nicely together?
heartless by CrowsToes
Oh how about this view?
Heartless over Man Eater in the shade
See all that pretty glitter/shimmer even in the shade?
How about a closeup?
Close up view of Heartless
You can pick up Man Eater at and tell her Kim send you.. πŸ˜‰ I have other colors by Ruby White Tips and really enjoy how they look. (Yes I pay for them) Heartless is available at with the rest of the brand new CrowToes colors.
So what you think? Did I pick a good red for undies? Man Eater gets taken over by Heartless.. hehehehe Cheeze Do you have any of Ruby White Tips colors? What you think of them overall?

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  1. Thawing up here in the Northeast..Time to tend to the toes πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah they are really awesome reds that is for sure! I never thought it would work till I tried it.. Do you have a favorite red polish you enjoy?