What level SPF Sunscreen do you really need?

Thinking about sunscreen, and being I tend to try mostly all natural products, I went on a hunt for different levels of sunscreen (in my bathroom) 😀 . There has been lots of news about sunscreen these days.
Anything that says it a sunscreen since 2013 (mineral foundation included) has to be tested by the FTC to say what level of SPF it has!

full sunscreen products review
Wearing sunscreen should start when you are a baby. And if you are even really fair-hair like myself I tended to stay out of the sun, I burn really easy.
But the color of your skin isn’t going to stop you from getting a sunburn. So that is why wearing sunscreen is so important!
All four products are amazing! I love them all..
4 different products with 4 different levels of sunscreen in them

First up is derma e and yes the product had a name changed. And tube color changed as well. “I bought this one on sale”

Now called “derma e Age-Defying Antioxidant Moisturizer SPF 15 UVA/UVB Sunscreen” was Previously known as: Tropical Solutions™ Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. Now comes in a box not tube.

“Recent research shows that because they are applied sporadically and wash off easily, most sunscreens only block out approximately 50% of the UV-generated free radicals that can damage your skin.

Antioxidants have been discovered as the ‘missing link’ in the protection equation because they have a cumulative effect that helps protect the skin from age-accelerating damage.” So the one I bought may or not be high enough level of sunscreen protection.

It was easy to use 🙁
The ease of use it great with this one. Just a couple of pumps and its enough to apply all over my face. If I am not going anywhere I tend to use this one or the next one.

Next is Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion with SPF 18 “Bought it online”
Andalou Naturals Advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science renews skin at the cellular level blending nature and knowledge for visible Age Defying results. Perfect for sensitive skin this ultra-sheer SPF facial lotion provides essential moisture with proven broad spectrum protection.

Fruit Stem Cells and BioActive 8 Berry Complex help defend against UV and environmental damage while stimulating healthy cell renewal for optimum age-defying benefits.

Sheer lightweight coverage Comfortable for everyday Wear alone or under make-up.
Proven UVA UVB protection Results Age Defying Active Ingredients Apple Grape Fruit Stem Cell Cultures Malus Domestica derived from an extract of a rare Swiss apple and Solar Vitis derived from an extract of a grape from the Burgundy region of France advance the longevity of skin.”

I love the brand, their body wash is amazing!

The next one is my all time favorite! I did a review for it, and have since bought it.
Review here: Reviva Labs
Sun Protective Moisturizer w/SPF #25 (Use daily, alone or under makeup) I tested this one myself, love the non-greasy feel as it went on. This is a great product for men and women. Guys!! You should be caring for your skin just as much as women do.

The last one was send for review about a year or so ago. Its called Likewise Skincare SPF 50
I did the review and being you only use a little? It last a very very long time! My Review here: Likewise review

The highest priced of all 4? Was Likewise Skincare at $44.00

Ending thoughts:
I have am now using SPF28 or higher. (2016)
You need to start wearing yours if you are not already! Mineral foundation doesn’t have enough SPF in it naturally so wear a sunscreen moisturizer with it.

Never be afraid to ask questions, and don’t ask the girl behind the counter either, ask the druggist.. that is what they are there for.

What level of sunscreen do you wear and why?

Check out Allure post:http://www.allure.com/story/spf-and-beauty-product-myths 2015 post

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  1. Very interesting article. I guess I’m lucky, at least so far. I had a REALLY bad case of sunburn way back in the 1st grade.

    We had a field trip to the beach and I had no sunblock of any kind (stupid I know) but in the early 70’s who thought about skin care like they do now.

    Anyway, when I got home my back was beet red. The next morning my upper back and shoulders had blistered over. I took about 2 weeks to clear up and believe me, it was painful to say the least.

    I now use something called “Bullfrog”. It’s the best sunblock I have found. I too have very fair skin and applying Bullfrog 1/2 before going out into the sun allows me to stay out for hours without even worrying about anything. It’s also waterproof so I can play in the water and still not worry.

    My fear is because of those early years of sunburns I will develop some form of skin cancer. So far so good.

    Thanks for such an enlightening article!

  2. Interesting article. The article took a lot of thought, which makes reading it more interesting. I may return and take a look at what else you have to write.