Divine Diva Day Saturday Event 2013 – After Thoughts About It

Divine Diva Day 2013
I believe in good karma. πŸ™‚ I believe that if you do something good and rightest, good karma comes back double fold. So when I was contacted by the lady’s of Lifepointe Church here in my home town I said yes right away. Now you got to understand, I walk now with a cane (thanks to car accident 2009) and for me to do an event its got to be pretty important and I have to have help! So my wonderful hubby came with me!
What I did was pack up some fun stuff that I thought might sell and my hubby helped me set it up!
Divine Diva Day 2013
The printing of my logo, well I have to thank my sister Krystal for that. πŸ˜‰ It is the new designed logo for my new website! She did an awesome job on it and it printed up wonderfully!
And yes the wind was blowing like crazy!
Divine Event 2013
What happened also on Saturday was the Western Event by the town. So we didn’t get really that much foot traffic as would of been nice. But I did sell lots of makeup brushes and glass nail files. Once I told them that its not cheap glass, and how its made and where? They sold!! The makeup brushes were ones I had on the old site. I was selling them for a dollar each.
Divine Diva Event 2013
I had with me these sets called Loose Screws which were a set of 4 honest to gosh screwdrivers that had feathers on the handles! Those sold great because I had with me a set that was opened so you could see what they looked like. I had one lady buy a set for each of her daughters. That was really cool!!
dollar nail polishes at event
I had a box of nail polishes that I was selling for a dollar. I sold one because I got emailed about it after I was posting photos of the event on Instagram! And thanks to Instagram yesterday and I got a visitor!!
Chrissy owner of Polishtbh and I 2013
Chrissy of Polishtbh is new to my area. We had a wonderful chat about nail polish and types etc. My hubby got bored hearing about it πŸ˜‰ It was so so cool to meet someone in my area who is a indie brand nail polish creator! She just moved here. And let me know about others that are in our area. Made me think I need to get out more LOL
She was so cool and brought me mini’s to play with. I so totally love nail polish.. πŸ˜€
Polish tbh mini nail polish colors
She send me a email later on yesterday to tell me what each color was:

    Fantasy, fuchsia base with turquoise glitters
    Midnight, dark blue/purple jelly base with aqua and silver glitters
    Hidden red jelly base with red black and silver glitters
    Circus, light blue base with red glitter
    Twist clear based glitter bomb with silver hearts
    Fantasy, teal to bright yellow green thermal base with turquoise glitter mix

Which I was so totally glad she had!! They all look like so much fun to play with. With the wind blowing like crazy I had my hair back in a ponytail and I even got one arm a little sunburn.
One thing I had done was in a hurry I took all the samples I had of my mineral makeup brand “Overall Beauty Minerals” that I had on hand with me. What was very interesting when I offered a free sample (they got to pick) the first question I was asked was it foundation? Wow for as long as minerals as been around, it seems that foundation gets the most press..shame I love mineral eye shadows more. It was a blast explaining how to apply mineral eye shadows to each lady that took a sample. Once I told them to pat it on not wipe it on like you do pressed eye shadows they got delighted with their free gift. I can understand not wanting to feel dumb about how to apply something, or use something. So it was a lot of fun to just explain how to use it.
At the end of the day the person who had set it up came around with a little thank you note:
divine diva day thank you note
The money raised from this event is for a Africa Mercy Ship. Ladies of LifePointe Church will be using the money raised to host a Republic of the Congo celebration party for patients who had fistula surgery. Now I had no idea what fistula was so I looked it up on Wikipedia. And it could be for a few types. Read about fistula here on Wikipedia.
All in all it was fun, windy sunshine filled day. I got to meet another indie brand polish, make a few sales and donate money to a great cause. That makes doing things like this fun.
Oh and while I was looking for items to take I came across some a-englands not listed (are now), as well as Girly-Bits.. so go check those out. πŸ˜‰ They are now listed as well, I found 2 limited edition colors in fact.
Have a wonderful joyful Sunday!

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  1. Tina Kirslis :

    I love you and your shop I can only imagine how cool it was not for you to just meet her, but I bet it was cool for her. I so wish you were not in so much pain but I understand it we are like pain buddies. I wish I lived closer to help you. I’m glad it was a great day

    • Wow thanks for stopping by Tina! Yeah its a shame we are pain buddies. πŸ™ We deal and just keep moving right? I broke one of my nails on my swatching hand so I won’t be swatching her minis just yet.