Alice After Eight Thermal Nail Polish By PolishTBH | My Review

When I saw thermal I thought it was a updated version of mood changing nail polish. Which in a odd way, it is! I have a friend who is crazy about pink and purple and wants it in the same bottle of polish if possible. Well she saw Alice After Eight and was like I MUST HAVE IT!! Well Chrissy the owner of PolishTBH was kind enough to send me a mini bottle when I placed the order for my friend. I didn’t know she was going to.. so I had to play!!
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
From PolishTBH listing on etsy..
Alice After Eight.. What is it?
“Thermal polish that is purple when below temps of 72 degrees, when warm it is pink. It is a linear holographic with the use of spectraflair. Black light and uv light responsive to a hot pink, and green glow in the dark. Original formula was thick and a one coater. It has since been thinned out and will require at least 3 coats to full opacity. This way the holo is more defined.
Well fun I did have!! As I was taking photos it took about 5 minutes to go from purple to pink in the sunlight! So here is a series of photos I took as it changed from purple to pink in full sunlight.. enjoy!!
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
As you can see the purple is staying to fade away ..
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
What I liked is the holographic in this color seems to be more with the pink than the purple.. if that makes any sense πŸ˜‰
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
The pink is coming out stronger now.. and boy pink it is!! (my friend is going to go nuts when she sees this post!) πŸ˜€ I need to ship her the bottle still..
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
Woot! Hello Holo!!
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
AS you can see now, the pink is totally here and the purple is gone. The bottle never changed color, just my nails did. But I have seen it change depending on where I have it sitting. The warmer the bottle, the more pink it is!
Alice After Eight by PolishTBH
I have never had a chance to play around with thermal polishes yet, so I do hope you don’t mind me sharing with you what I saw. You can find PolishTBH on etsy here PolishTBH etsy site on Facebook here:
PolishTBH Fan Page

**Nail polish was send as a gift

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  1. Too Cool stuff. I never had any idea about this. I am going to try this soon. I just placed an order and waiting for the delivery.

  2. Thanks for your reply! I will have to check it out! πŸ™‚ Too funny you rocked those shirts!

  3. When you visit her Etsy store, will it show you what colors a bottle can change to?

    This concept reminds me of t-shirts friends wore in grade school – the kind that would change either with the warmth of the sun OR from being wet/dry!

    Too cool!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I happen to have one of those t-shirts! I think her Etsy shop shows you what it turn into. She has a few of them the last time I checked.