Having Fun With Joby Nail Art Decals | New Designs! (Image Heavy)

I am really lucky I get to work with a really cool nail art decal company called Joby Nail Art! I also offer them on my website (they are the only brand I offer) and once in a while they get brand new designs in and send me them before they are available!
That is what happen this time. They are available now but when I got them, they were a few days away from being added to their site. If you follow me on Instagram @Overallbeauty you will see I tend to take photos and post them. (Love my cell phone but its a bit big for taking photos with) besides that, I can post some really cool nail art designs I come up with.
The first one that I came up with was with their peacock feathers. They really have two new Peacock Feather designs, right now I am only offering one of them..
Peacock Feathers NA09-47
The flowers are from a different set of nail art decals.. They are the White & Pink Flowers NA03-33 πŸ˜‰ I think the peacock feathers are really awesome because they are that vibrant in color in person too!
Next one I played around with is the Koi Fish Nail Art Decals.. First I did it on blue polish to see how it would look. I didn’t realize that the fish on my pinky finger is upside down. πŸ™ I used fish/turtle from the Ocean Fish Decals)
Koi Fish Nail Art Decals Can you tell its upside down?
Koi Fish Nail Art Decals
Now the idea I had was that two of the fish would be facing each other.. like a look of being in a pond.. so I changed polish color and I think the peach color really brings out the Koi Fish best!
Koi Fish Nail Art Decals
The idea is you could wear a whole scene across your nails..
Koi Fish Nail Art Decals
The ones I really had fun with had to be Alice in Fantasyland.. they are soo cool.. you could do a whole scene across your nails ..
Alice in Fantasyland nail art decals
In fact Alice in Fantasyland was one of the few I only used that set.. didn’t add from other nail art decals I have. My problem was I would think something looks cool and well it just too busy looking instead.. So yes I had a few failed ideas at what I was trying to do.
Alice in Fantasyland nail art decals
Sometimes the most simple looks just awesome!! I love the holographic color of the ATC polish The Baby Blues with the Corset Ties Nail Art Decals over it!
Corset Nail Art Decals
See? Just so simple but so pretty! Those come in pink and black color.
Now I was also got a few fails.. see too busy??
Sexy Nail Art Decals
I used flowers and hearts from a different set.. just too busy looking to me.. I am still working ideas for those.. They are the Sexy Nail Art Decals
I didn’t let the polish dry on these one.. πŸ˜› I do not think it works with the light color polish either. Will have to work on those some more πŸ˜‰
Baby nail art decals I do not offer these ones yet..
These are things I do when its like Sunday and I got sunshine. Today we got clouds so I won’t be playing with any nail art decals. So which ones you like better? How did I do? Give you any ideas? πŸ˜‰

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  1. Erika Hernandez :

    I LOVE them ALL!!