Textured Polishes and Me :( Here is my Zoya Pixie Dust Color – Vespa Review

Ok one think you may not know about me is I LOVE Glitter nail polishes! I love how they look, I love walking in sunshine to see all the shiny coolness, up there with holographics I am nail polish heaven!! BUT I say But I can’t stand the feel on glitter on my nails. Its the glitter isn’t smooth to the feel? Then I got a problem with it. There are a few great glitter tamers out there so I tend to use them.. or I can’t wear the glitter. I will pick at it.. and pick till it comes off.. I am really bad about it. Because I wear gloves when I create mineral makeup (fill jars etc) the glitter will catch on the gloves? OH lets just make me a really unhappy camper.. πŸ™

Which leads me to Zoya Vespa textured polishes, known as Pixie Dust. I got a email from Zoya about something else and I went off to look at what they had. I saw the Pixie Dust (not knowing what they were) silly me πŸ˜€ I bought Vespa and another green they have that is metallic? Its called Rikki.. (beautiful!) πŸ™‚

The first two photos are taken in the late afternoon sunlight. I have on no top coat. You can see the pixie dust as it shines in the sunlight.

Pixie Dust

Well now this is where its becomes my issue ( my personal issue with it).. Vespa is a beautiful shade of green.. it not too yellow and its not too blue.. What I have read you can wear it without a base coat and without a top coat needed! That is cool right?

Pixie Dust in Vespa

In the late afternoon sunlight where the first two photos are from, its an amazing green! Remember I happen to love green nail polishes.. πŸ˜‰ If you didn’t know that, well now you do! πŸ˜€

Vespa Pixie Dust

Now in the morning sunlight? Its an even prettier green! The pixie dust?? It really shines in the light. But I can feel it. πŸ™Β  I have decided that Pixie Dusts as beautiful as they may be? Are not for me πŸ™ I can’t stand the feel of them! It took a whole lot of will power not to remove it the night before. I wanted morning shots of it as well.

Vespa pixie dust

Now the photo is taken indoors holding some of Emily’s greens.. πŸ˜‰ That is under my kitchen light.. The green becomes lighter under my kitchen lights.
Pixie Dust Vespa
Close up of what it looks like. You can see the texture of the polish when you look close up, and I could feel it too! Its like sand on my nails.. πŸ™ I asked on my Facebook fan page about textured polish.. is it a fad a trend or what? One person said why wear rough feeling polishes when I am spending all my time making my nails smooth? I agree..

If its a trend, then Zoya makes the best out there. But I think you have to like the feel along with the look of the polish. Love the color, hate the feel.. I am thinking the next time I wear it, I am going to try a glitter tamer over top. The roughness of its just not for me..

What do you think of textured polishes? Like them? Hate them? You can find Vespa and other Pixie Dusts at ArtofBeauty.com

*** Product bought by me

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  1. I love glitters too. I am a big fan of the Liquid Sand polishes. I don’t have any of the Pixie Dust polishes yet. That green looks good on you!

    • I tried the Liquid Sand one, and it didn’t dry fast enough for me. So I have no idea what it was like left on my nails. (Had a mani done, ended up getting it removed after it was applied due to the fact I chipped it getting my keys out) How does it feel on the nail itself? I love the green! Thanks for stopping by James!!

  2. I LOVE the color!!! I don’t usually have a problem with the texture of glitter, so I think I’d be ok with it.