Hudson Valley Skin Care Line Product Review

Hudson Valley Skin Care your answer for extermely natural skin and hair care products, freshly handmade in small batches in Hudson Valley of New York State.
Hudson Valley Skincare
When I was a child we lived for a few years on a little tiny farm. We had rabbits, chickens, a lamb and even a pony! We also had goats. We didn’t drink cow milk we drank goats milk and my job was milking them. Anyway the reason why I brought that up is, I know and understand just how good goat’s milk is for your insides and your skin. Which brings me great delight to share with you today Hudson Valley Skin Care, who use goat milk to create amazing products for your face and body.
Hudson Valley Skicare
I have in fact been using their body lotion for a while now. I have one scented green tea that is light and airy and not a super heavy scent either. I love it!! I use hand or body lotion on my hands before going to bed at night and rub into my cuticles. Well the last thing I want is a heavy strong scent and this one is just right!
Hudson Valley Skincare (image belongs to Hudson Valley Skincare)
In fact if they had a body wash I would buy it I love the soft scent so much. I got two different scented body lotions but the green tea scented one is the one I used the most. It’s not over greasy like some lotions can be.
Another reason I like it. Nothing worse than trying to rub into your hands lotion that’s got a greasy feel. I use it on my elbows and my knees to help keep them soft.
They have a unscented face and neck cream that applies great. I use it on my neck mostly. Your neck can show your age no matter how much work you have done on your face. So caring for your neck is just as important as taking care of your face is.

They also have a foot cream that smells like lemons that is great for pedicure time. I love it!

The hair conditioner was the first item I ran out of first. As you can tell by the photo they just brown paper labels. They do all that they can to be as natural as possible. If they had a shampoo or my goodness they would have an amazing hair care set! They don’t but the conditioner was so awesome I used it each time I washed my hair. It really did a great job. I had wonderful chats with the company about their thoughts about natural products. I love learning new things.
Even a lip balm! Oh yeah I love these products! Everything is really affordable.. their hair conditioner is only about $12.00
On their site they got bars of soap made with goat’s milk.
You can find them on Facebook and on their website Hudson Valley Skincare. I need to buy more conditioner!!
Anyone here ever drank goat’s milk?

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