Interview With BKD Signature – Amazing Nail Polish Jewelry And More!

I though it would be a blast to do a interview with Brianne of BKD Signature due to the fact we are going to be offering soon her amazing nail polish jewelry using Mr. Universe a custom color created by My Ten Friends just for
So here we go!
BKD Signature round ring
1 – How did you get started with creating jewelry? How long have you been doing this?
I like to joke that I was born crafting. I absolutely love to create things with my hands. So, in a way, I really don’t know when I started designing. In 2008, my friend introduced me to Etsy and I loved that the internet had a place for handmade. As a kid, I didn’t have the traditional lemonade stand, but, rather, tried selling my creations at the sidewalk. Here was a way to do that in a business capacity and share my handmade creations with the world. On February 19th, 2009, I created BKD Signature, and it’s been quite the ride ever since!
2 – What was the proudest thing that has happened for you since you started involving your jewelry?
That definitely has to be when my ring was picked to be on The Vampire Diaries. It was surreal getting the e-mail from the stylist, and even more surreal to actually see it on screen. I have to remind myself that it really DID happen and it wasn’t all a dream! It aired in Episode 4.12 on January 31st. What’s even crazier to think about is that there are reruns featuring it over and over! It’s one of those moments when all the blood, sweat, tears, and major stress are worth it.
3 – Where did you get your ideas for your designs? What insires you to create?
With both the exotic papers and nailpolish, they are already works of art on their own. So their beauty inspires me to highlight them in the best way possible. With the papers, it’s about painstakingly placing the glass to create a mini piece of art. Some spots on the paper are better than others for a pendant. For the nailpolish, it’s a meticulous process of picking out a pendant tray that best matches as well as enhances the polish. Then making sure the glitter distributes evenly and in a nice pattern, avoiding it clumping on itself.
4 – What are your favorite pieces?
To be honest, I love everything I create. I really think that’s the key to avoiding burnout and balances out the non-relaxing stuff that comes with owning a business. However, I’m really obsessed and super excited with how my newest collection has turned out.
5 – What gave you the idea of creating with nail polish?
I had seen pictures on Pinterest of projects where you paint on glass, like mason jars and jewelry. I realized My Ten Friends Nail Polish would make for gorgeous pendants – they’re basically works of art in a bottle. Mey-Lynn is such a creative genius with her polish colors and I thought it would be awesome to capture them under glass and match your nails! The end result has been absolutely stunning.
6 – If you could give a piece of your jewelry to any actor, who do you wish you could give to? (I asked this question because we both belong to a gifting company for celebs. Some of her work has already been gifted and one has even been seen in the series The Vampire Diaries season 4, Episode 12)
Hmm, that’s a tough question, but I think Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston. Although, I’d be thankful for any celeb to think my stuff is cool enough for them to wear. 🙂
7 – Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?
I definitely hope I will still be running my business. However, in what kind of capacity remains to be seen. I just earned my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy so I’ll be working towards earning my license. But perhaps I’ll have two careers in five years. 🙂
I would love to thank Brianne for taking time out of her busy day to answer our questions..
You can find BKD Signature on etsy here: Beegrl88 You can find her amazing jewelry here: BKD Signature Nail Polish Jewelry where you will find our custom color Mr. Universe in jewelry.

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