DIY Pedicure at Home for Those With Larger Feet (size 10 and above)

This came about because my husband has larger feet, we are talking size 14! And being diabetic he needs me to take good care of his feet for him. I don’t mind at all, we will be married 30 years this coming November!
We tried one of those pedicure machines you can buy at any Walgreens, Wal-Mart etc. I found this one on Amazon as an example of what we tried first.
pedicure kit
They run around $30.00 no matter when you get one. Some are better than others that is for sure. Well we tried it and Mr. Big Foot couldn’t get his feet in it!! I could but I am a size 7 and I bet they are all made for folks like me but not him. So we had to try something else. Which is why this whole post came about. I figured we were not the only ones who had a issue with pedicure machines. They are for tiny feet!
So when we were at Wal-Mart we found what are called tubs about $2.00 each. They are 18 quart size that are great for this!
white tub for pedicure
Its great to find something I can put his feet into and gives me room as well to work around and scrub his feet etc!
pedicure items for DIY
What I used was:
2 x White Tubs
Epsom salts or Peppermint Salts (I used both and you can make your own peppermint salts, I bought mine off etsy)
Kiss Your Face Foot Scrub (you can make your own, its easy to do so)
Pedicure Kit (nail brush, files, scrubber etc)
Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream (if you are diabetic, we have found this helps the best for the nerves in his feet)
I found a list of good ones to try Diabetic Foot Creams Choices But it will have to be your choice, this is just the one we found works the best.
I started by putting warm water in the tubs after putting them on the room with towels under them. I had extra towels for drying off his feet as well.
example of feet in tub for home pedicure
As you can see there is lots of room to work around. I added warm water and peppermint salts while he soaked his feet. The I took the nail brush and scrubbed his feet using the Kiss Your Face Foot Scrub. If you would rather make your own foot scrub? Its really quite easy:
Gorgeously Green Salt Rub
2 Cups fine sea salt
4 Cups apricot or almond oil
20 drops of your favorite essential oil (choices like lavender orange, geranium)
Cut this in half if you are going to use it for your pedicure at home.
Simply combine all the ingredients in a glass jar and stir to blend. If you are using the full amount use when you take your next shower. Rub it from neck to your toes and rinse off. It may leave a greasy residue so be careful.
From book Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano She has quite a few books on making your life a greener way to be. Really pretty awesome.
After scrubbing his feet, I used a pedicure stone to work on the callous he had. I then dried his feet. After doing that I applied the Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream (runs about $20.00 at Walgreens) to the bottom of his feet, between his toes and the big pad under his toes.
If you are diabetic you know that caring for your feet is a MUST! Did you know that more feet are taken off due to lack of care? I want my hubby walking as long as possible so doing pedicures and applying the cream each night really helps him. We also use a natural nail fungus oil to have keep that away as well. The oil is one I got from Sprouts.. Its Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil mixed. There is a great one by derma e – Skinbiotics Treatment Oil It does wonders!
Well that is pretty well that is it. I hope you can use this, it works great for us! And no he won’t let me paint his nails.. LOL
Happy Saturday to you all!

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