What Are Your Favorited Games?

As someone who enjoys playing games, (Dr. Who & Puzzles & Dragons to name a few) I have seen that the gaming industry has always been heavily targeted at a male audience. Many of the games are so geared towards men that they are created by guys. (sorry guys but its true) Game providers have seen that there is a market for women within gaming and there have been a number of Apps and sites that have been specifically marketed at women.
female gamers are real
Bingo has always been associated with an older female demographic. A lot of online providers have incorporated Bingo into their catalog of games. There are many sites that purely offer Bingo, typically they will have different options in terms of how much you want to wager and how involved with the game itself you want to be. There are so many different themes and niches that there is bound to be a site out there that you will enjoy.

There are a number of casino sites that have created games just for their female users. Many are games like slots based off the highly popular show “Game of Thrones” as well as Bomber Girls, Lord of the Rings and Batman themed games. They even offer a VIP membership for those who really enjoy playing, giving user’s faster withdrawals and access to extra tournaments.

The online gaming industry are working together to make a real effort to appeal to larger demographics, particularly women. The number of sites that specifically target the female demographic is increasing to meet demand. The gamer-gate controversy has given a lot of women who enjoy online or console gaming, a chance to stand up, and speak out about their passion for games and against any discrimination they may have faced from other people within this sector. While this sector is still predominantly male orientated, it is making every effort to appeal and cater for women.
women who play online games

The network for women in video online gaming launched its website and offers a range of resources and helpful information for all the ladies out there in this industry. There are a number of events such as the European Women in Games conference that gives professionals an opportunity to network with other women that work within their sector. The fact that this event sold out this year just shows there is a growing popularity of this kind of niche event.

Women will become increasingly prominent within the gaming and technology sectors. There is no longer an attitude of Gender specific roles within a workplace. Feminism and women’s rights are finally getting the publicity and voice that they deserve through social media campaigns such as gamer-gate.
Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did. Great information and it is about time! We all play games just depends in what you are personally into.. Puzzle games are my favorites.

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