Vaseline, the beauty ‘Wonder Jelly’

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Vaseline is one of those eternally-popular products we all have knocking around somewhere. It soothes our lips, it protects small cuts, and it helps lock moisture into our skin for longer-lasting radiance. All this is enough to make you wonder if there’s any downside – is petroleum jelly bad for you, or is Vaseline bad for your skin? The answer is no: there are actually many (many) benefits to including this ‘Wonder Jelly’ in your beauty regime.
Here are some of the best ways to use Vaseline as part of your daily routine.
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Vaseline for your skin

People who wonder “Is Vaseline bad for you?” probably haven’t experienced its soothing perks yet. The reality is that petroleum jelly is a safe skincare choice – it’s actually recommended by dermatologists, and since it’s non-irritating and also hypoallergenic, you can use it even if you have sensitive skin.

Here’s a few ways to get the most out it:

• Brighten up baggy eyes. Dab a little Vaseline on the skin under your eyes to get that fresh look in the morning.
• Sooth and protect cracked feet and hands. Take good care of dry and flaky skin by applying Vaseline every night – cover your feet with socks if you want to intensify its moisturizing effect.
• Get a perfect manicure. Improve your manicure by rubbing a little petroleum jelly onto your cuticles and around your fingernails – this helps prevent nail polish from running.
• DIY exfoliation. Homemade defoliators can get rid of dead skin cells and help you amp up your natural radiance. Use Vaseline as a base, adding salt or sugar to the jelly to make a luscious scrub.
• Get a gorgeous summer glow. The sun is shining and it’s time to get your legs out. Let them shine on with a layer of petroleum jelly to lock in moisture – you can keep your legs soft throughout the day while preventing the sun from drying out the skin.

Vaseline as makeup

Petroleum jelly has been around for over a century, and started out as a simple product to relieve dry and chapped skin. Over time, it’s become much more than that, with plenty of us using it as part of our daily make up routines.

If you’re a little nervous about applying Vaseline to your face every day – perhaps you have questions like “Does petroleum jelly cause cancer or a toxic reaction?” – then don’t be. It’s very safe to use and, thanks to a triple-purification process to remove all impurities, unlikely to cause any side effects. That’s why it’s approved by the FDA for various uses.

So, rather than asking yourself “Is petroleum jelly bad for you?”, think about all the different ways it can be a life saver when you forget your makeup bag.

Here’s a few tips:

• Get eyelashes and brows on flick. For a glossy finish on your lashes, use Vaseline as mascara by mixing it with a black eye shadow. Apply a small dab to your brows if you need to tame unruly little hairs.
• Flatter luscious lips. Vaseline also works really well as a primer underneath your lipstick, and will help stop your lips drying out. Plus, you can make your own lip gloss just by mixing natural and flavored extracts with the jelly – or even glitter for a sparkly effect.
• Create on point highlighter. Give your face a healthy and natural glow with just a dab of petroleum jelly on the tops of your brows and cheek bones.
• Remove makeup. Either dab a thin layer on a cotton pad to wipe off your makeup or massage it directly into the area you want to clean until the makeup comes off.

Vaseline for your hair

Did you know that Vaseline can also tame and protect your hair? Especially in summer, when warm temperatures and humidity can cause a lot of havoc.

Here’s how:

• Bye-bye flyaway hair. Simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline over your flyaway hair, here and there, to keep it in place. You can also add a small dab on an old toothbrush instead, and brush your flyway hair lightly with it.
• Smooth ends forever. Don’t let dry and split ends make your day a bad-hair-day ever again! Apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly to the tips of your hair – this will tidy up your ends by rebuilding their natural protective barrier and locking in moisture.
• Stronger roots. Promote stronger roots and prevent breakage by massaging your scalp with just a tiny amount of petroleum jelly on your fingertips. Then wash your hair as usual.

So, now you can see just how handy one little tub of Vaseline can be! And if you’re still asking yourself “Is Vaseline bad for your skin?”, give some of these beauty tips a try – you’ll soon discover just how versatile and useful this ‘Wonder Jelly’ is.
Thanks again Eleanor! Wonderful post 🙂
What you think? Do you have beauty tips not in this post that you use Vaseline for?

By Eleanor Cains has written about beauty and lifestyle for over 10 years, from her home office near the sea.

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