LIMITED EDITION Clean Luxury Travel Collection by GLOSS MODERNE Review

I am always on the outlook for hair care brands that are vegan if at all possible. I have been wanting to try Gloss Moderne but they are not cheap. I didn’t want to buy a set of shampoo & conditioner only to find out it doesn’t live up what I think it should be like.
Over the holidays I got lucky, they had a VIP coupon for half off so I picked up their LIMITED EDITION Clean Luxury Travel Collection.
LIMITED EDITION Clean Luxury Travel Collection
LIMITED EDITION Clean Luxury Travel Collection.
Sulfate-Free + Paraben-Free + Vegan. Includes 3 packettes each of our shampoo, conditioner and masque. Be jet-set ready for your next vacation with our take-everywhere packettes… the perfect way to indulge in the GLOSS MODERNE Clean Luxury Haircare Collection.
Each box comes with 1 of each:
Clean Luxury Shampoo
Clean Luxury Conditioner
Clean Luxury Masque

What is so special about Gloss Moderne?
It is a clean, luxury, sulfate-free, paraben-free, vegan hair care line that is designed for every man, woman and child… that’s even coconut infused.

I was a bit worried about it has coconut in it. For some reason if I buy just about anything with coconut it smells like coconut oil lotion you used to sunbath in. I have never like that scent.
haircare packs for your hair by Gloss Moderne
Boy was a surprised about the scent! Can’t quite place what it is, but its just well, yummy!
The packettes are just enough for one time, and boy does it make your hair feel clean, and just soft & pretty! I have long hair so I was a bit worried that it wasn’t going to be enough but it was. The masque makes your hair feel super soft.

Now I wished I had bought more than just one box when I could get them on sale!
Even though it was an amazing hair care product, I can’t quite talk myself into paying $80.00 for a set of shampoo & conditioner. Would it be worth it? Probably but its just a bit too high price for me.
You can find them at
Have you found an amazing haircare brand only to decide that the cost wasn’t worth it?
Let me know! Share below :)

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