Pixie Cosmetics Liquid Lustre Shimmering Dimensional Lip Gloss (Pink Kisses) Review

I have been on the hunt for a replacement for a lip gloss called Pink Kisses. Well really its a Liquid Lustre called Pink Kisses, but still its just the right shade of peachy shimmery pink, and lots of fun shimmers. The company I used to get it from has closed down. I know its a private label style lip gloss (means its made for them by someone else and anyone can buy the same formula if they choose so and called it their own)
side by side view of the tubes of Pink Kisses It is the smaller one that I have been looking for. I should know that finding what I want was going to be tough, so I been looking for months now! The small square tube has a brush which I really love because you can get lots of gloss at one type and just takes less time to apply it.

What I did find was Pixie Cosmetics Liquid Lustre Shimmering Dimensional Lip Gloss (Pink Kisses) on Amazon. It looks pretty close and if I didn’t care for it, well I wasn’t throwing away $18 – $20+ for it. I found a few that looked really close.. but I can’t get myself to spend $20 for a lip gloss unless I really really love it!

This is what it looks like side by side: The heavier color is the one I am trying to replace.
pink kisses lip gloss examples
The color is so close! BUT and this is a major but, the Pixie Cosmetics one is a bit more sheer than I like and the applicator sucks.
sheer pink kisses lip gloss See? It is flat on both sides, it isn’t what I would call a doe foot top. I think because of the applicator is one of the reasons why it takes so darn long to apply enough to showcase a bit of color!
Now I have found that Pixie Cosmetics Pink Kisses is lighter, less sticky and even softens lips a bit. So I guess I am as happy as I can be with this one till I find one even better.

So any help out there? Where can I find a better lip gloss this shade?

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