Overallbeauty Giveaway

We are going to have some major fun! I was able to get my hands on two bottles of What happens in Vegas.. Ends up on Instagram just so I could do a giveaway (I paid full price for it, and yes I did the samething you did) I thought it would be super fun […]

SoftSoap Decor Collection™ in Three Different Scents Review

For fall Softsoap brand of products came out with three brand new scents all dressed up for your bathroom or pretty much anywhere you may be in need of washing your hands. Now the new scents are: Wild Basil and Lime Orchid petals, Water Mint & Orchid Petals Scented, Peony & Plum Scented hand washing […]

Radical Skincare Skin Perfection Screen SPF 30 Review

I have been wearing sunscreen since my early twenties and before that tended not to go outside unless I have to. Being I am really fair, I burn and I burn bad. I remember getting burn in Reno one year that I got scars from from it once it finally healed. So I am always […]

Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo & Silk18 Conditioner Review

I love argan oil just about anything, from face oils to shampoos to conditioners. My skin and hair just love it! So when Maple Holistics asked if I would test out their shampoo & conditioner I couldn’t say no! What they say about it: Argan Oil Shampoo Hypoallergenic, contains 100% pure Argan Oil of the […]

Colgate Total “Lasting White” Mouthwash Review

Like I have said it before, I am a Colgate kid! I grew up using Colgate toothpaste like most children of my age group did. And I am pretty sure there are still a lot who are still using the same brand of toothpaste now. Sure the toothpaste types have changed. I like gel over […]

How Many Makeup Brushes Do You Own VS How Many Do You Use?

How many makeup brushes do you own VS how many do you really use day by day? Sunday’s question of the day! Now be honest because below I am.. Shame to say, I own more brushes than I really needed! Read below to see just what I mean.. Ok this all came about because of […]