How We Are Sold On The Illusion of Beauty As Far Back As 1934

Let’s have some fun today.. How about a little bit of background about cosmetics and how we are still sold on“The illusion of beauty”.. Now for a little history behind how the cosmetic companies of today can still sell us youth in a jar, anti-aging beauty products, all based on the idea that we the […]

KeraFiber Volume Revive+ Keratin Dry Shampoo Review

Having never tried a dry shampoo before, I had no idea really what to expect. I had tried a few times but well I don’t know. Then I had to go somewhere and didn’t have time to wash my hair. I had been testing an oil and had gotten a bit too much in my […]

Amazingly Beauty Facial Oils Review

I received two facial oils, one for evening and one for day time. The oils are nice and my skin really enjoyed them. The difference between others I have tested is, they are oils to replace your skin care routine. They are not so thick like some facial oils I have tried and they are […]

What Are Your Favorited Games?

As someone who enjoys playing games, (Dr. Who & Puzzles & Dragons to name a few) I have seen that the gaming industry has always been heavily targeted at a male audience. Many of the games are so geared towards men that they are created by guys. (sorry guys but its true) Game providers have […]

Tatcha Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Review

I am one of those who believe that no matter your age, you need to be wearing sunscreen. Not everyone does it, which is a shame because all you are doing is aging your face sooner. If you are not, please do. Sunscreen as a face product has bee around a very long time. Who […]

The Honest Co. Skincare Products Review

Not to long ago I went on the hunt for a better hair detangler. As my hair as gotten longer and I been adding fun colors to it, I have been having issues with tangles in my hair. I saw The Honest Co. baby products?? I think they are anyway. They had a honest conditioning […]

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