Lindi Skin Brand Products Review

I test over the years a lot of serums and eye creams. Some stand out to the point that if I really enjoy using them or they do what they say they do I will buy them again. Now I had never heard of Lindi Skin Brand before till I got a email from PR […]

JeNu Infuser System Review + Reviva Labs Nasolabial Fold Cream| Win-Win Review!

I have been lucky to test out JeNu newest version of their wand or what is now called Infuser! I did a review for the whole system back in 2013 – read that review if you like here: JeNu Anti-aging Skincare System. the first version you had to use their skincare as well as the […]

Visible Science Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol Review

This is one of the first times I have posted a review for a product on Amazon before doing a blog about it. Why? Because what this product does for my hair! Here is part of my review on Amazon: I have fallen in love with Visible Science Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol! The best […]

MEME Anti-Aging Skincare Box Review

I got lucky and was asked if I would be interested in one of the few remaining MEME Boxes they had in stock. Seems they are something amazing going to be happening soon some of the boxes had to moved out I guess? Really don’t know and I will just watch for their emails about […]

Somaluxe Argan Oil Hair Treatment Review

I think I am obsessed with products created with argan oil! I really beginning to think that. Anytime someone asked me to do a review of any type of product created with argan oil I always say yes! Here is a very lovely hair/skin care treatment by Lady Soma I have done review for them […]

Essential Skincare Tips for Women of All Ages

Today we have a wonderful post by Rachel Matthews. All women want clear, glowing, younger-looking skin. However, no matter our age, it seems like we’re always dealing with some imperfection or another. Whether it’s oily skin and acne or fine lines and wrinkles, no woman is immune to her share of skin problems. Thankfully, though, […]

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