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Early April Overall Beauty Newsletter 2014

This is the whole newsletter! I didn’t send it all out but you can read here the missing parts. I didn’t want to over-kill your email! Wow I totally missed sending out the newsletter last month. What happen is I didn’t have one for a long time so I need to get back into the […]

Leonie Konjac Sponge Review

This is one of beauty products that I had to test over a long period of time mostly because I wasn’t sure what it was doing. Or if it was in fact working on my skin as a anti-aging cleansing product. What am I talking about? The Leonie Konjac Sponge that comes looking like this: […]

Pro Naturals Hair Repair System Saving My Hair From Me!

Pro Naturals Hair Repair System is an amazing set of hair care products created using 100% Moroccan Oil. Now I am true blonde which means if there is a product that has 100% Moroccan Oil in it as a treatment I tend to stay away from. The reason being they leave a bit of extra […]

Wrinkle Prevention Pillow My Review!

About 8 months or so ago I walked into a really high-end skin care shop. Once I got waited on and got to talking, she said “I bet I can tell which side you sleep on the most” Oh really? She then told me the left because the fine lines under my eyes were more […]