Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

When I was thinking about doing a post about two brands of sunscreen that I am using at this time. So I went and did a search on my blog for reviews of different brands of sunscreen. I wasn’t sure if I had done a review post for two of them. MyChelle dermaceuticals Sun Protection […]

Conture Skin Enhancement System – First Impressions

I rarely do first impressions posts about a new skincare product/ and or system. I thought this time I would changes things up a bit this time. Here is a short post of what my early thoughts are about the Conture Face + Neck skin enhancement system. The paperwork states it can showcase a difference […]

MonoDermà Skincare Review

Every now and then you find a powerful skincare! That does more for your skin in one little capsule than a lot of other higher end skincare can possibly do. You simply twist the cap off and then squeeze either directly on the face or onto your finger to apply. Now I will be honest […]

Comparing 3 Foaming Hand Soaps – Hits & Misses

I am sure everyone has their favorite foaming hand soap that they use all the time. In our household it is Dial Foaming Hand Soap, mostly because you can pick up large refills for it at any store almost. From left to right Honest Foaming Hand Soap, Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap, and our very […]

Beauty Tips on a Budget : From Heloise ‘s Beauty Book Edition 1985

I thought today we have a bit of fun about going back into the past of beauty tips. I love old beauty books because you never know what you might find in them, that we are still doing today. Heloise was well known in the 60’s & 80’s for all kinds of helpful hint books. […]

Everyone Hand Soap For Clean Healthy Hands – Scent Apricot + Vanilla Review

Everyone™ Apricot & Vanilla Botanical Hand Soap – Finally a hand soap I like that dry out my hands for once. The soap texture is really light, without a heavy fragrance. (Got problem with heavy scents) With so many recommendations these days saying that anti-bacterial soaps are actually causing more problems than they’re solving, I […]