Reviva Labs Collagen Serum Review

Back in the day when I first starting working with Reviva Labs I got send a box of Collagen Ampules which are super good for your skin. What they say about the serum in the bottle is pretty much the same thing they say about the Ampules. Now there is two major differences with when […]

What is the Difference Between Facial Scrubs and Face Masks?

So what is the difference between facial scrub and face masks? (This is going to be a bit long as there are more than one type of facial scrubs, and face masks. I am listing the ones that are most common) It’s a very interesting question as they are both products that help remove dead […]

Aubrey Primrose Tangle-Go & Natural Missst Herbal Hairspray Review

Aubrey Cosmetics was having a sale at my local Sprouts here in town. I have been looking for something to help with my hair (being as long as it is, it still gets tangled a bit). I was also looking for a more natural hairspray. I got hairspray don’t get me wrong, but each one […]

Reflections of Turning 52 | Happy Birthday to Me :)

I was thinking of not posting it, just writing it and let it stay as a draft but then I got to thinking why not showcase my life so that you may see that we all go through something that changes us for the better or worse depending on you. Some that makes us grow […]

Got a Favorite Nail Polish Remover? I Do and This is Why

I have not been able to do swatches lately. Not happy about that at all. I have all these beautiful polishes to play with and well my swatching hand looks like this: Not so pretty huh? Its wintertime and so along with my nails looking like that.. (not proud of them at all) On both […]

Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum | Review & Giveaway!

Over the past few weeks I been lucky enough to enjoy Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum. I love serums that are not only good for your skin but really do what they are marketed to do. Not often does that happen. They are on Amazon and have lots of awesome reviews and I […]