Michael Todd Soniclear Cleansing Brush Review

First off if you read any of my beauty product reviews, I will admit I am over 50. I am not looking for anything that will make me look like I am in my twenties, but I would like something that helps me look I am in my forties maybe? lol Now sometimes I get […]

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review

Mascaras. We wear them, some are better than other, so are so over priced and don’t work.. We all have a love/hate relationship with mascaras. I have a few personal favorites, mostly the type you would buy at my local Sprouts. But I do have a few drugstore brands I like, here comes my problem, […]

Simon & Tom Set of Three Beauty Products Review

I received three products for Simon & Tom to do a review on. Out of the three, only one has been going huh? Do read on to see what I mean. Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment Hair Serum with Argan Oil One for dry elbows Simon & Tom Elbow Treatment Cream And one that is […]

Fulom Skincare Products Review

I have been really lucky to work with the Fulom skincare company. I been able to test out their whole product line! I was lucky enough to field test it before it was available here in the US. Boy am I glad I got to. The company has been wonderful to work with and answered […]

Caring for Your Skin While on Vacation to Sunny Las Vegas

There are few places that when you go to visit, you wish are more like the movies and less like a family vacation spot. Once such place is Las Vegas! So here you are thinking about taking a vacation to the lovely hot city of Las Vegas. With the call of the night life, playing […]

MEME BOX Beauty Box Review

I got the most amazing pink box for review. What they say about their boxes: The MEMEBOX is curated by our experts in Korea to offer you the widest selection of the hottest Korean beauty products. These boxes contain 4 – 7 full-sized items and deluxe samples, and contents vary from makeup, skin care, hair […]

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