Vitamin C Facial Serum – Winter Blend Maple Holistics Shampoo -Silk18 Conditioner Review

There are a few shampoos and conditioner brands I really really like, Maple Holistics is one of them. I have done a review for their Argan Oil shampoo and Silk18 Conditioner before (read about my review here: Now this time I receive their limited edition shampoo it was springtime. Now this shampoo as the […]

Honest Conditioning Detangler Leave-in Conditioner

I do not know what has happen over the past few years, my hair has gone from easy to comb after I wash it, to a tangled mess. So I have to use a detangler of some type. I have tried lots of different ones but I had a few things that they had to […]

Envy Professional Flat Iron With Rose Print Review

When it comes to hair care tools, such as curling wands, curling irons, hair dyer etc I just seem to have a single one issue, if you are too heavy for me to use then I won’t use it. So I have a few hair tools that I will use once in a while. Now […]

Trading one vacuum for another, boy am I glad I made that mistake!

The tale of three vacuum cleansers. A few years ago I had a Kirby vacuum cleanser. When it comes in the world of home appliances, Kirby Co. likes to consider its product the Porsche of vacuum cleaners. They are only sold door-to-door and they are about $1000+ It was heavy and hard to work with. […]

Kushyfoot Spring-Summer 2015

Kushyfoot has done it again! By now you can probably tell I really enjoy Kushyfoot products. They keep coming out with amazing foot wear to help your feet feel better as you work or play. Kushyfoot spring/summer 2015 collection of products was created for the ladies who love to wear open-toes shoes but here seeing […]

Do You Have Any Hobbies You Wish You Had Never Given Up?

Ever had a hobby you wish you still could do, but time and or money just made it really impossible to afford? I have really bad hands these days, so I have had to give up on doing things that take a lot work holding tiny items. With that said, a few years ago, I […]

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