Bloom Mineral Makeup Skincare And More

Today I am doing a review for Bloom Mineral Makeup- “Skin care that becomes you” What I had received: 4 piece gift set in a box – great for traveling Balancing Facial Toner Shielding Foot Cream Shielding Hand Cream What they say about their skincare line: Nature enhanced skin care,the Dead Sea Minerals in Bloom […]

Yu.Be Skin Care Product Line – Been Around For 60 Years!

I was surprised that a simple formula skincare line, has been around for 60 years! Simple skincare that each product only takes a tiny bit to make you skin feel amazing! I wanted to know how long a jar of Yu.Be face cream really does last. Here is a bit about the brand: Invented in […]

Why Do You Really Wear Makeup Everyday? Or Do You?

Why do you wear makeup? Think about that question. I mean really think about it for a moment, Is applying makeup in the morning before work or because you going out, is it like just on autopilot? Or maybe it is to hide the real you? My thoughts of just that question. Why do you/I […]

Brand New Eye Shadows by Overall Beauty Minerals!

I have been really busy working on new eye shadows to add to the already growing list of my vegan mineral eye shadow line. Because highlighters are so popular we now offer a 6 piece set of the highlighters available. This collection gives you colors to play around with if you like. You can create […]

Gold Elements – Luxurious Skincare AT it’s Best – Review

Have you ever tested out or bought a skin cream and the first time you try it – “OMG Where have you been all my life?” That just how I felt the evening I tried D’or facial cream for the first time. D’or Facial Cream What they say about this amazing skincare: A multi task, […]

Costly Hair Styling Mistakes – Bleach to Perm?

There is a very interesting tales back by facts from those who have done research, that the curling wand has been dated as far back as the Greeks, and Romans. In 1892 the marcel wave was introduced. It was designed to imitate a natural wave. The curling iron was the implement utilized to produce it. […]