Vaseline, the beauty ‘Wonder Jelly’

We have a guest blogger today, hope you enjoy her post! I had no idea about Vaseline for beauty. 🙂 Vaseline is one of those eternally-popular products we all have knocking around somewhere. It soothes our lips, it protects small cuts, and it helps lock moisture into our skin for longer-lasting radiance. All this is […]

Shielo Hair Care products review!

I will just let you know upfront that I love shielo hair care products! I am yet to test one that I didn’t like! They have different types of shampoo and conditioner, this time I received Smoothing Shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner. This time I got three amazing hair care products: Smoothing Shampoo – certified organic […]

Beessential Amazing Honey Based Products Review

A few years ago I did a review for Beessentail hair care products. I enjoyed them now and I still love their products. Their products are just as delightful now as they were then! They are one brand you can stand behind. They take care of their bees! The conditioner is my all time favorite! […]

Costly Hair Styling Mistakes – Bleach to Perm?

There is a very interesting tales back by facts from those who have done research, that the curling wand has been dated as far back as the Greeks, and Romans. In 1892 the marcel wave was introduced. It was designed to imitate a natural wave. The curling iron was the implement utilized to produce it. […]

Extreme Moisture Hair Masque By GreenVisions

Years ago, I can’t remember when now, I got invited to do an event with other handcrafted shops in the area. The event was put on by GreenVisions -spaTHERAPY who had/may still have a restaurant. The food was amazing, and it was a fun event. What I do remember was buying an amazing hair masque […]

Shielo Hair Care Line For Dry Hair In Need of Hydrating | Products Review

I really enjoy Shielo hair-care products. From their shampoo & conditioners, to their now sprays to help your hair while you style it to now their Intensive Mask. I really love their Intensive Hair Mask! The mask is to help restore/repairs your hair from all the damaged we do to your hair from all the […]