Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Liquid Eyeliners & Liquid Lipstick Review

Brand new from Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color – Bold Defining 24HR Liquid Eye Liner, Bold Liquid Lipstick. So here we go! For starters I do not usually wear liquid eyeliner, have yet to find out that I really like, easy to apply, and easy to remove. Well, I am still on the hunt. 🙁 Out […]

Why Do You Really Wear Makeup Everyday? Or Do You?

Why do you wear makeup? Think about that question. I mean really think about it for a moment, Is applying makeup in the morning before work or because you going out, is it like just on autopilot? Or maybe it is to hide the real you? My thoughts of just that question. Why do you/I […]

Brand New Eye Shadows by Overall Beauty Minerals!

I have been really busy working on new eye shadows to add to the already growing list of my vegan mineral eye shadow line. Because highlighters are so popular we now offer a 6 piece set of the highlighters available. This collection gives you colors to play around with if you like. You can create […]

Pacifica Beauty Eye Makeup – Skincare Review

When it comes to beauty other than my own brand “Overall Beauty Minerals” my all time favorite brand is Pacifica! A while back they had send me for review their natural minerals Eye Shadows palette, along with two eye pencils and mascaras. Now since then I have brought their Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face […]

Beauty Tips on a Budget : From Heloise ‘s Beauty Book Edition 1985

I thought today we have a bit of fun about going back into the past of beauty tips. I love old beauty books because you never know what you might find in them, that we are still doing today. Heloise was well known in the 60’s & 80’s for all kinds of helpful hint books. […]

L’Oreal Paris Brand New Cosmetics Launches for 2016 – Review

First off I have to thank the team over at L’Oreal Paris for this amazing makeup box filled with all types of brand new products for 2016! With that said, this makeup kit was a lot of hit or miss for me. As beautiful as the colors are, they just didn’t either work with my […]