Black Friday-Cyber Monday Beauty Deals – Need Gift Ideas?

Who isn’t looking already for a few really awesome beauty gifts or ideas? There are already a few great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals going on before Black Friday! Are you going to be shopping on Thanksgiving Late Night/Early morning? I think I am going to shop the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. I […]

What Color Nail Polish do I Wear with my Dress? Questions From my Email Again

It seems this is the week for what color nail polish do I wear with (fill in the blank color) dress Kim? It seems there must be some major parties going on that everyone is looking for information on just what color nail polish works for their dress color of choice. Mostly this week it […]

Gifts from friends- MTF Holtzman Effect & 6Harts Cuticle Oil

First off I am really lucky to have awesome friends! We may never meet but still friends online only can be even better than friends off line. I say that because this is a review for two such gifts – My Ten Friends Holtzman Effect & 6Harts Cuticle Oil in White Chocolate. 6Harts Cuticle Oil […]

Got a Favorite Nail Polish Remover? I Do and This is Why

I have not been able to do swatches lately. Not happy about that at all. I have all these beautiful polishes to play with and well my swatching hand looks like this: Not so pretty huh? Its wintertime and so along with my nails looking like that.. (not proud of them at all) On both […]

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Daring & Giggly Now Add Water :)

As a gift last year from a good friend Jin over at Superficially Colorful I got a few thermal polishes.. They are way too much fun to play with! I don’t really care for orange nail polish.. usually it doesn’t look good on me. Daring is one of those oranges that kinda change that for […]

Starting My Holiday Days off Right – A-England Red Polish!

There is nothing better than starting off the holidays wearing red.. Red nail polish that is! If you do not have a red nail polish in your collection right now, you are missing out on the best of the holidays! My chosen go to red is Perceval by aengland. Now That is one beautiful red! […]

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