Bloom Mineral Makeup Skincare And More

Today I am doing a review for Bloom Mineral Makeup- “Skin care that becomes you” What I had received: 4 piece gift set in a box – great for traveling Balancing Facial Toner Shielding Foot Cream Shielding Hand Cream What they say about their skincare line: Nature enhanced skin care,the Dead Sea Minerals in Bloom […]

Grace Gold Interview- Her Top Best Summertime Beauty Tips

I did a wonderful interview through email with Grace Gold asking her what she would recommend for the summer. She has some amazing beauty tips that would work all year long! Take it away Grace! 1~ I am really interested, your recommendations for summertime skincare as well as I love to know if it is […]

Beauty Tips on a Budget : From Heloise ‘s Beauty Book Edition 1985

I thought today we have a bit of fun about going back into the past of beauty tips. I love old beauty books because you never know what you might find in them, that we are still doing today. Heloise was well known in the 60’s & 80’s for all kinds of helpful hint books. […]

Overall Beauty Minerals Got Brand New Eye Shadows!

These colors are not a set, not really. They are colors that I have been working at. This time I tried to get them all out at one time so you can see what brand new colors I am now offering look like! Makeup gift set for those who love a bit of color in […]

Influencer Marketing For Dummies: Book Review 2016

The review is fun to do because I am both, a beauty blogger (started blogging in 2006) as well as a beauty based brand that has worked with other beauty bloggers with product reviews/giveaways etc. What is a Influencer in today’s world of the web? A basic description of a influencer is someone who does […]

Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum | Review & Giveaway!

Over the past few weeks I been lucky enough to enjoy Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum. I love serums that are not only good for your skin but really do what they are marketed to do. Not often does that happen. They are on Amazon and have lots of awesome reviews and I […]