Bloom Mineral Makeup Skincare And More

Today I am doing a review for Bloom Mineral Makeup- “Skin care that becomes you” What I had received: 4 piece gift set in a box – great for traveling Balancing Facial Toner Shielding Foot Cream Shielding Hand Cream What they say about their skincare line: Nature enhanced skin care,the Dead Sea Minerals in Bloom […]

Holiday Gift Giving Sets By Lindi Skin – Skincare For Extremely Sensitive Skin

Buying gifts can be tough when the person in mind is going through cancer treatments. Their skin can be extremely sensitive from the treatments. There is a brand that I have done a review for while back for a few of their skincare line. They have the most amazing eye serum! Right now, for the […]

Why Do You Really Wear Makeup Everyday? Or Do You?

Why do you wear makeup? Think about that question. I mean really think about it for a moment, Is applying makeup in the morning before work or because you going out, is it like just on autopilot? Or maybe it is to hide the real you? My thoughts of just that question. Why do you/I […]

Extreme Moisture Hair Masque By GreenVisions

Years ago, I can’t remember when now, I got invited to do an event with other handcrafted shops in the area. The event was put on by GreenVisions -spaTHERAPY who had/may still have a restaurant. The food was amazing, and it was a fun event. What I do remember was buying an amazing hair masque […]

Limited Edition Softlips Set of Two :) #LipBalms

Brand Softlips lip balms has been around for a long time. Now some time ago I guess they went from tubes to small squares which makes them easier to handle and well they are just cute! (You can still buy the tubes if you like them better) And so small that they are easy to […]

MEME Anti-Aging Skincare Box Review

I got lucky and was asked if I would be interested in one of the few remaining MEME Boxes they had in stock. Seems they are something amazing going to be happening soon some of the boxes had to moved out I guess? Really don’t know and I will just watch for their emails about […]