Essential Skincare Tips for Women of All Ages

All women want clear, glowing, younger-looking skin. However, no matter our age, it seems like we’re always dealing with some imperfection or another. Whether it’s oily skin and acne or fine lines and wrinkles, no woman is immune to her share of skin problems. Thankfully, though, dealing with blemishes and imperfections doesn’t have to be […]

Yu.Be Skin Care Product Line – Been Around For 60 Years!

I was surprised that a simple formula skincare line, has been around for 60 years! Simple skincare that each product only takes a tiny bit to make you skin feel amazing! I wanted to know how long a jar of Yu.Be face cream really does last. Here is a bit about the brand: Invented in […]

Review For ViaBuff Exfoliator Puff 7 Months Later – Must Have!

In August of 2015 I got contacted by the PR for ViaBuff. They have all types of puffs good for your body and face. I thought it would be fun to try so I said sure! I would love to try them. I have a tough face for someone who dry skin/mature skin. Don’t ask, […]

What level SPF Sunscreen do you really need?

Thinking about sunscreen, and being I tend to try mostly all natural products, I went on a hunt for different levels of sunscreen (in my bathroom) 😀 . There has been lots of news about sunscreen these days. Anything that says it a sunscreen since 2013 (mineral foundation included) has to be tested by the […]