Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate by MyChelle Review

I tend to shop at Sprouts here in my home town. Well as always I am looking for a product that will work and by a brand I haven’t tried yet or something new from a few of the brands I like. MyChelle is one of those type brands. I was chatting with one of […]

Made to Matter – Handpicked by Target -Part One- Food #MadetoMatter

Just in time for getting ready get stuff for back to school! I got this most amazing box with a bag in it for Target’s Made to Matter Program 2016. I am listing each product with hashtags so you can look for other reviews, and goodies by using hashtags on Twitter & Instagram. Because it […]

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

When I was thinking about doing a post about two brands of sunscreen that I am using at this time. So I went and did a search on my blog for reviews of different brands of sunscreen. I wasn’t sure if I had done a review post for two of them. MyChelle dermaceuticals Sun Protection […]

Everyone Hand Soap For Clean Healthy Hands – Scent Apricot + Vanilla Review

Everyone™ Apricot & Vanilla Botanical Hand Soap – Finally a hand soap I like that dry out my hands for once. The soap texture is really light, without a heavy fragrance. (Got problem with heavy scents) With so many recommendations these days saying that anti-bacterial soaps are actually causing more problems than they’re solving, I […]

Amazingly Beauty Facial Oils Review

I received two facial oils, one for evening and one for day time. The oils are nice and my skin really enjoyed them. The difference between others I have tested is, they are oils to replace your skin care routine. They are not so thick like some facial oils I have tried and they are […]

EO Essential Oil Products “Everyone Face for Every Day” Exfoliant And Moisturize

I was wandering around Sprouts pretty much looking for a product to try that is new to me and a really good simple all natural exfoliate to use. I noticed that Sprouts had a whole brand new product line called everyone face for every day.. for real that is the name of the brand! Sounds […]